Horrorfest 2020 Presents: Blood Tide (1982, Richard Jefferies)

A movie called Blood Tide doesn’t have to do much to win me over or get me to see it. The title is cool enough, plus this is one of those lost 1980s movies that bombed. The fact that it almost became public domain is depressing and I thank Arrow Video for them releasing it on a nice restored Blu-ray that has bonus features. It helps that the movie is a pretty good Jaws in the Greek islands type movie with a really good cast.

Legendary actor James Earl Jones chews scenery, dives for treasure, quotes Shakespeare and has a beach bunny for a girlfriend. Naturally he awakens this ancient evil sea monster that of course the locals fed virgins to centuries ago. Deborah Shelton steals the movie as a haunted woman living with nuns who makes the mistake of uncovering her destiny, or so she thinks. José Ferrer is the local mayor who knows way more than he’s telling, of course. Martin Kove of Karate Kid fame is Shelton’s sister and Mary Louise Weller is his wife, both who go looking for her.

The monster effects are solid enough yet it is the gorgeous scenery shots that are truly captivating. Also the score is quite good in that 1980s way, done by Shuki Levy and Jerry Mosely. Unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere so that sucks as I would love to share the opening theme. This is one of those cheesy movies that I fully embrace simply because it is my kind of cheesy movie. Oh and I’m probably going to watch it again.

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