Killing Them Loudly: Horrorfest 2021

10 Horror Movie Memes To Get You in The Mood For Halloween

July Viewings:

1. Vamp (1986, Vampires!), Arrow Films Video
2. Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (2013, Jason Doc!), Shudder
3. Vampyres (1975, Lesbian Vamps), Shudder
4. Patrick (1978, Mind Powers!), Shudder
5. Child’s Play 2 (1990, CHUCKY!), Netflix Instant Viewing
6. Prevenge (2016, Slasher?), Shudder
7. Night Tide (1961, Mermaid), Shudder
8. The Queen of Black Magic (1981, Revenge!), Shudder
9. Here Comes Hell (2019, Demonic), Shudder
10. Frankenhooker (1990, Mad Scientist), Shudder
11. Def By Temptation (1990, Succubus), Shudder

August Viewings:

(1) 12. Black Roses (1988, Rock n roll is evil! Evil!), Shudder
(2) 13. Death Ship (1980, Nazi Boat!), Shudder
(3) 14. Don’t Panic (1989, Demonic), Shudder
(4) 15. The Whistler (2019, Fairy Tales Are Real), Shudder
(5) 16. Tigers Are Not Afraid (2019, Ghosts), Shudder
(6) 17. Turkey Shoot (1982, Dystopia), Shudder
(7) 18. Dave Made a Maze (2017, Dangerous Cardboard!), Shudder
(8) 19. Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (1981, Crazy Aunt), Shudder
(9) 20. White of the Eye (1988, Slasher), Shudder
(10) 21. Lisa and the Devil (1973, Telly Savalas is the Devil!), Shudder
(11) 22. Shock (1977, Ghost Possession), Shudder
(12) 23. Messiah of Evil (1973, Undead cult!), Shudder

September Viewings:

(1) 24. Vicious Fun (2020, Slasher Support Group), Shudder
(2) 25. Mortuary (1983, Embalmed), Shudder
(3) 26. Hellmaster (1992, JOHN SAXON), Shudder
(4) 27. The Dead Pit (1989, Like a Surgeon), Shudder
(5) 28. The Pale Door (2020, Witches and Cowboys), Shudder
(6) 29. Chillerama (2011, Anthology), Tubi
(7) 30. Mohawk (2017, Revenge!), Shudder
(8) 31. The Brain Eaters (1958, Parasites!), Tubi
(9) 32. Death Curse of Tartu (1966, Tartu), Tubi
(10) 33. Sting of Death (1966, Killer Jellyfish), Tubi
(11) 34. Blood Quantum (2020, Zombies), Shudder
(12) 35. I Bury the Living (1958, Cemetery business), Tubi
(13) 36. Candyman (2021, I’m not saying it), Theater Viewing
(14) 37. Head Count (2019, Mythical Creature Thing), Shudder
(15) 38. Found Footage 3D (2016, Meta), Shudder
(16) 39. Color Out of Space (2020, Aliens! Sort of), Shudder
(17) 40. Shakma (1990, Killer Ape), Shudder
(18) 41. Malignant (2021, GABRIEL), Theater Viewing

October Viewings:

(1) 42. The Church (1989, Man Is Evil), Tubi
(2) 43. Blood (1973, Monster Mash), Tubi
(3) 44. Cannibal Ferox (1981, Savage), Shudder
(4) 45. Sorority House Massacre (1986, Slasher Flashback), Shudder
(5) 46. Pledge Night (1990, Acid Sid), Shudder
(6) 47. WNUF Halloween Special (2013, NEWS AT 11), Shudder
(7) 48. Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020, Gentrification Sucks!), Netflix Instant Viewing
(8) 49. One Dark Night (1983, Raymar!), Tubi
(9) 50. Doom Asylum (1988, Power Tools), Tubi
(10) 51. Hannah, Queen of the Vampires aka Crypt of the Living Dead (1973, Undead Undead), Tubi
(11) 52. Death By Invitation (1971, She’ll have her revenge!), Tubi
(12) 53. Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964, The South Will Kill Again), Tubi
(13) 54. Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks (1974, The Monster!), Tubi
(14) 55. The Convent (2000, Satanic Nuns), Tubi

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Music Log 2021

Back in style and free form this time…

1. Funky Stuff, Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media-9.5 *YouTube*
2. Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Death-8.5 *YouTube*
3. Spin, Spin-10.0 *YouTube*
4. Short Trip To Space, Tropea-9.5 *YouTube*
5. Wildflower, Herb Ellis & Remo Palmier-9.0 *YouTube*
6. Carnaval, Spyro Gyra-10.0 *YouTube*
7. Everyday Life, Coldplay-7.5 *Public Library*
8. Abandoned Luncheonette, Hall & Oats-9.0 *Barnes & Noble*
9. Reputation, Taylor Swift-9.0 *Public Library*
10. The Slow Rush, Tame Impala-9.5 *Public Library*

11. It Is What It Is9.0, Thundercat *Public Library*
12. Adolescents, Adolescents-8.0 *YouTube*
13. We Will Always Love You, The Avalanches-9.5 *Public Library*
14. Vibes & Days, Vacation-9.0 *YouTube*
15. Heartbeat City, The Cars-9.5 *Public Library*
16. Christopher Cross, Christopher Cross-9.0 *Public Library*
17. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Lauryn Hill-8.5 *Public Library*
18. Lover, Taylor Swift-9.0 *Public Library*
19. Time Further Out, Dave Brubeck-9.5 *Barnes & Noble*
20. Germfree Adolescents, X-Ray Spex-9.5 *YouTube*

21. Eldorado, Electric Light Orchestra-9.5 *Barnes & Noble*
22. Tidal, Fiona Apple-9.0 *Public Library*
23. Take Care, Drake-8.0 *Public Library*
24. Ella and Louis, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong-9.5 *Public Library*
25. Empyrean Isles, Herbie Hancock-10.0 *Public Library*
26. Folklore, Taylor Swift-9.5 *Public Library*
27. Play Deep, The Outfield-9.0 *Half-Price Books*
28. Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs, Marty Robbins-10.0 *Public Library*
29. Power Metal (Demo), Metallica-9.0 *YouTube*
30. Call the Doctor, Sleater-Kinney-10.0 *Half-Price Books*

31. The Party’s Over, Talk Talk-10.0 *YouTube*
32. From a Room: Vol 2, Chris Stapleton-8.0 *Public Library*
33. Way Out West, Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives-7.5 *Public Library*
34. Fearless, Taylor Swift-8.0 *Public Library*
35. Townes Van Zandt, Townes Van Zandt-9.5 *Public Library*
36. Cheap Trick, Cheap Trick-9.5 *Half-Price Books*
37. Highly Evolved, The Vines-8.5 *Half-Price Books*
38. Silverado Soundtrack Suite, Bruce Broughton-9.0 *YouTube*
39. I Against I, Bad Brains-10.0 *Public Library
40. Mingus Ah Um, Charles Mingus-8.5 *Public Library*

41. Montrose, Montrose-8.5 *Public Library*
42. Here Comes Everybody, The Wake-10.0 *YouTube*
43. Red, Taylor Swift-8.0 *Public Library*
44. Father of the Bride, Vampire Weekend-8.5 *Public Library*
45. Whipped Cream & Other Delights, Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass-7.0 *Public Library*
46. Crack-Up, Fleet Foxes-8.5 *Half-Price Books*
47. Face The Music, Electric Light Orchestra-9.5 *Barnes & Noble*
48. Glass Houses, Billy Joel-9.5 *Barnes & Noble*
49. Push the Sky Away, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-9.0 *Public Library*
50. The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, Charles Mingus-9.5 *Public Library*

51. Megalithic Symphony, AWOLNATION-7.0 *Public Library*
52. Without a Sound, Dinosaur Jr.-9.0 *Public Library*
53. On the Border, Eagles-9.5 *Public Library*
54. What Does Anything Mean? Basically, The Chameleons-9.5 *YouTube*
55. Time, Electric Light Orchestra-9.0 *Public Library*
56. Junk, M83-9.0 *Public Library*
57. Paper Money, Montrose-9.0 *Public Library*
58. Bookends, Simon & Garfunkel-9.5 *Public Library*
59. Wild Planet, The B-52’s-9.5 *Barnes & Noble
60. Nilsson Schmilsson, Harry Nilsson-9.5 *Barnes & Noble

61. The Band, The Band-10.0 *Public Library*
62. John Denver’s Greatest Hits, John Denver-9.0 *Borrowed*
63. Spiderland, Slint-9.5 *YouTube*
64. Delta Kream, The Black Keys-9.0 *Public Library*
65. Henry’s Dream, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-9.0 *Public Library*
66. What’s Going On, Marvin Gaye-10.0 *Public Library*
67. Off The Wall, Michael Jackson-9.5 *Public Library*
68. Passover, The Black Angels-9.0 *YouTube*
69. Directions to See a Ghost, The Black Angels-9.0 *YouTube*
70. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-9.5 *Public Library*

71. The Pretender, Jackson Browne-10.0 *Public Library*
72. Dangerous, Michael Jackson-9.0 *Public Library*
73. Imploding the Mirage, The Killers-7.5 *Public Library*
74. Phosphene Dream The Black Angels-9.0 *YouTube*
75. Speak Now, Taylor Swift-9.0 *Borrowed*
76. The Soft Moon, The Soft Moon-8.5 *YouTube*
77. Zeros, The Soft Moon-9.0 *YouTube*
78. People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, A Tribe Called Quest-10.0
79. Mr. Bojangles, Jerry Jeff Walker-8.5 *Borrowed*
80. Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Wu-Tang Clan-9.5 *Public Library*

81. Hell Or High Water Motion Picture Soundtrack, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis-9.0
82. Not Too Late, Norah Jones-8.0 *Public Library*
83. Evermore, Taylor Swift-8.5 *Public Library*
84. Fulfillingness’ First Finale, Stevie Wonder-9.0 *Public Library*
85. Ace of Spades, Motörhead-9.5 *Public Library*
86. Saturday the 14th, Partner-6.5 *Public Library*
87. Elliot Smith, Elliot Smith-9.0 *Public Library*
88. Bone Machine, Tom Waits-8.5 *Public Library*
89. Beauty Behind the Madness, Weeknd-9.0 *Public Library*
90. Chemtrails over the Country Club, Lana Del Rey-9.0 *Public Library*
91. Tango In The Night, Fleetwood Mac-9.0 *Public Library*
92. Takin’ Off, Herbie Hancock-9.5 *Public Library*
93. Midnight Marauders, A Tribe Called Quest-9.5 *Public Library*
94. Bad As Me, Tom Waits-8.0 *Public Library*
95. The Iron Horse, The Sound Defects-9.0 *YouTube*

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Movie Log 2021

Time for more film viewing…again!


The Master, il compianto Philip Seymour Hoffman in versione guru – Tvzap

1. The Furies (1950, Mann)-90, Hulu
2. The Sisters Brothers (2018, Audiard)-86, Hulu
3. Batman: The Killing Joke (2016, Liu)-60, Netflix Instant Viewing
4. Mank (2020, Fincher)-83, Netflix Instant Viewing
5. Five Element Ninjas (1982, Chang)-93, Netflix Instant Viewing
6. Extraction (2020, Hargrave)-73, Netflix Instant Viewing
7. Cairo Station (1958, Chahine)-91, Netflix Instant Viewing
8. I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020, Kaufman)-85, Netflix Instant Viewing
9. The Master (2012, Anderson)-100, Netflix Instant Viewing
10. The Flying Guillotine (1975, Ho)-85, Netflix Instant Viewing
11. Flying Guillotine 2 (1978, Hua, Cheng)-83, Netflix Instant Viewing
12. Sabotage (1936, Hitchcock)-87, Tubi
13. The Three Ages (1923, Keaton, Cline)-80, Tubi
14. House of Games (1987, Mamet)-100, Tubi
15. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011, Fincher)-100, Netflix Instant Viewing
16. I Am Not Your Negro (2016, Peck)-100, Netflix Instant Viewing
17. Passenger 57 (1992, Hooks)-80, Netflix Instant Viewing
18. Lockout (2011, Mather, St. Leger)-67, Netflix Instant Viewing
19. Midnight Special (2016, Nichols)-93, Netflix Instant Viewing
20. American Assassin (2017, Cuesta)-51, Netflix Instant Viewing
21. Kill The Messenger (2014, Cuesta)-87, Netflix Instant Viewing
22. A Bridge Too Far (1977, Attenborough)-88, Netflix Instant Viewing
23. Rawhead Rex (1986, Pavlou)-68, Shudder


24. The Grandmaster (2013, Wong)-88, Netflix Instant Viewing American Cut
25. Return to the 36th Chamber(1980, Kar-leung)-75, Netflix Instant Viewing
26. Psych: The Movie (2017, Franks)-80, Peacock
27. The Flesh and the Fiends (1960, Gilling)-77, Shudder
28. The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020, Sorkin)-89, Netflix Instant Viewing
29. Rango (2011, Verbinski)-85, Netflix Instant Viewing
30. The Muppets (2011, Bobin)-93, Netflix Instant Viewing
31. Psych 2: Lassie Come Home (2020, Franks)-86, Peacock
32. Shock Waves (1977, Wiederhorn)-73, Tubi
33. Twice Dead (1988, Dragin)-35, Tubi
34. Oh, Susanna! (1936, Kane)-65, Tubi
35. Antonio das Mortes (1969, Rocha)-94, YouTube
36. Spotlight (2015, McCarthy)-96, Netflix Instant Viewing
37. Machete Kills (2013, Rodriguez)-45, Netflix Instant Viewing
38. Secret In Their Eyes (2015, Ray)-54, Netflix Instant Viewing
39. Southern Comfort (1981, Hill)-93, Tubi
40. Devil in a Blue Dress (1995, Franklin)-88, Tubi


41. One-Eyed Jacks (1961, Brando)-95, Criterion Blu-ray
42. Broken Arrow (1950, Daves)-80, Tubi
43. Willow (1988, Howard)-83, Disney+
44. Psychomania (1973, Sharp)-80, Shudder
45. Runaway Train (1985, Konchalovskiy)-91, Tubi
46. Warlock (1989, Miner)-75, Tubi
47. The Last Seduction (1994, Dahl)-95, Tubi
48. Werewolf (1996, Zarindast)-0/MST3K score: 95, Tubi
49. Cocaine Cowboys (2006, Corben)-94, Tubi
50. The Baby (1973, Post)-65, Shudder
51. Wild Bill (1995, Hill)-73, Tubi
52. Destroyer (2018, Kusama)-90, Hulu
53. If Beale Street Could Talk (2018, Jenkins)-92, Hulu
54. The Invincible Armour (1977, Ng)-85, Tubi
55. Weird Science (1985, Hughes)-90, Arrow Videos Blu-ray
56. Hard Target (1993, Woo)-80, Tubi
57. Lucky Number Slevin (2006, McGuigan)-75, Tubi
58. The Apartment (1960, Wilder)-97, Tubi
59. White Zombie (1932, Halperin)-83, Shudder
60. Asylum (1972, Baker)-75, Shudder


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 16221006160773475638182296224421985402260868912320.jpg

61. And Now the Screaming Starts! (1973, Baker)-70, Shudder
62. The Beast Must Die (1974, Annett)-76, Shudder
63. Crank: High Voltage (2009, Neveldine, Taylor)-87, Tubi
64. Smooth Talk (1985, Chopra)-91, Criterion Blu-ray
65. Sword of the Beast (1965, Gosha)-93, Criterion Public Library DVD
66. Samurai Rebellion (1967, Kobayashi)-93, Criterion Public Library DVD
67. The Cocoanuts (1929, Florey and Santley)-85, Barnes & Noble DVD
68. Accepted (2006, Pink)-75, Netflix Instant Viewing
69. Hour of the Gun (1967, Sturges)-87, Tubi
70. Airport (1970, Seaton)-71, Tubi
71. Airport 1975 (1974, Smight)-68, Tubi
72. Airport ’77 (1977, Jameson)-71, Tubi
73. The Concorde…Airport ’79 (1979, Rich)-29, Tubi
74. A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy (1982, Allen)-85, Tubi
75. Godzilla vs Kong (2021, Wingard)-93, Theater!
76. Mother’s Day (1980, Kaufman)-55, Shudder
77. Class of 1984 (1982, Lester)-90, Shudder
78. Suddenly (1954, Allen)-84, Tubi


Lou Castel in A Bullet for the General (1966)

79. Next of Kin (1982, Williams)-81, Shudder
80. The Hudsucker Proxy (1994, Coen Brothers)-91, Tubi
81. Varan the Unbelievable (1962, Baerwitz)-60, DVD
82. The Big Red One (1980, Fuller)-95, Public Library DVD
83. Audition (1999, Miike)-94, Shudder
84. The Wind (1986, Mastorakis)-80, Arrow Video Blu-ray
85. Stormy Monday (1988, Figgis)-94, Arrow Video Blu-ray
86. Sabata (1970, Kramer)-86, Tubi
87. Into The Night (1985, Landis)-67, Tubi
88. Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1986, Hamilton)-81, Tubi
89. Maniac Cop 2 (1990, Lustig)-85, Shudder
90. Apache (1954, Aldrich)-69, Tubi
91. Vera Cruz (1954, Aldrich)-92, Tubi
92. A Bullet for the General (1966, Damiani)-97, Tubi
93. 13 Ghosts (1960, Castle)-78, Shudder
94. The Avengers (1998, Chechik)-20, Tubi
95. College (1927, Keaton and Horne)-78, Tubi
96. The Bellboy (1960, Lewis)-80, Hulu
97. Fried Barry (2020, Kruger)-74, Shudder
98. Train To Busan (2016, Yeon)-97, Shudder
99. Spookies (1986, Joseph, Doran, Faulkner)-53, Shudder
100. Frantic (1988, Polanski)-90, Tubi


101. Things (1989, Jordan)-1, Shudder
102. Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (1993, Lustig, Soisson)-56, Shudder
103. Inherent Vice (2014, Anderson)-90, Tubi
104. A Quiet Place Part 2 (2021, Krasinski)-90, Theater Viewing
105. The Return of Godzilla (1984, Hashimoto)-85, Internet
106. The Day of the Beast (1995, de la Iglesia)-92, Shudder
107. Sledgehammer (1983, Prior)-67, Shudder
108. Evilspeak (1981, Weston)-80, Shudder
109. Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965, Meyer)-93, YouTube
110. Miami Blues (1990, Armitage)-90, Tubi
111. Burn, Witch, Burn aka Night of the Eagle (1962, Hayers)-86, Shudder
112. Willy’s Wonderland (2021, Lewis)-85, Hulu
113. The Sparks Brothers (2021, Wright)-95, Theater Viewing
114. The Missouri Breaks (1976, Penn)-90, Tubi
115. Marty (1955, Mann)-93, Tubi


116. The Amusement Park (1972, Romero)-85, Shudder
117. He Walked By Night (1948, Werker)-90, Tubi
118. Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key (1972, Martino)-90, Arrow Video Blu-ray
119. Crimes of Passion (1984, Russell)-80, Arrow Video Blu-ray DC
120. Vamp (1986, Wenk)-78, Arrow Video Blu-ray
121. Perdita Durango (1997, de la Iglesia)-82, Shudder
122. McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971, Altman)-100, Criterion DVD
123. Lady Snowblood (1973, Fujita)-95, Criterion DVD
124. Black Widow (2021, Shortland)-88, Theater Viewing
125. Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance (1974, Fujita)-80, Criterion DVD
126. Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (2013, Farrands)-91, Shudder
127. Vampyres (1975, Larraz)-60, Shudder
128. Patrick (1978, Franklin)-82, Shudder
129. Child’s Play 2 (1990, Lafia)-80, Netflix Instant Viewing
130. Prevenge (2016, Lowe)-84, Shudder
131. Night Tide (1961, Harrington)-87, Shudder
132. The Queen of Black Magic (1979, Sudjio)-91, Shudder
133. Here Comes Hell (2019, McHenry)-65, Shudder
134. Wargames (1983, Badham)-89, Tubi
135. Cowboy (1958, Daves)-86, Tubi
136. Frankenhooker (1990, Henenlotter)-85, Shudder
137. Def By Temptation (1990, Bond III)-91, Shudder
138. Stay Tuned (1992, Hyams)-80, Tubi


139. Last Man Standing (1996, Hill)-76, Tubi
140. Black Roses (1988, Fasano)-60, Shudder
141. Death Ship (1980, Rakoff)-65, Shudder
142. Don’t Panic (1989, Galindo Jr.)-80, Shudder
143. The Whistler (2019, Stang)-75, Shudder
144. Tigers Are Not Afraid (2019, López)-91, Shudder
145. The Green Knight (2021, Lowery)-95, Theater Viewing
146. Muppet Treasure Island (1996, Henson)-85, Disney+
147. Bill and Ted Face The Music (2020, Parisot)-86, Hulu
148. Brokeback Mountain (2005, Lee)-100, Peacock TV
149. The Suicide Squad (2021, Gunn)-91, Theater Viewing
150. Kentucky Fried Movie (1977, Landis)-70, Tubi
151. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (2003, Ki-duk)-99, Tubi
152. Turkey Shoot (1982, Trenchard-Smith)-84, Shudder
153. Dave Made a Maze (2017, Watterson)-82, Shudder
154. Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (1981, Asher)-75, Shudder
155. White of the Eye (1988, Cammell)-69, Shudder
156. Lisa and the Devil (1973, Bava)-80, Shudder
157. Wonder Woman 1984 (2020, Jenkins)-85, RedBox
158. Shock (1977, Bava)-73, Shudder
159. Messiah of Evil (1973, Huyck and Katz)-87, Shudder
160. Cruella (2021, Gillespie)-82, Disney+
161. Straw Dogs (1971, Peckinpah)-95, Criterion Blu-ray


162. Vicious Fun (2020, Calahan)-90, Shudder
163. Mortuary (1983, Avedis)-36, Shudder
164. Hellmaster (1992, Schulze)-45, Shudder
165. The Dead Pit (1989, Leonard)-85, Shudder
166. VFW (2020, Begos)-90, Shudder
167. The Pale Door (2020, Koontz)-71, Shudder
168. Chillerama (2011, Rifkin, Sullivan, Green, Lynch)-73, Tubi
169. Mohawk (2017, Geoghegan)-80, Shudder
170. Dark Star (1974, Carpenter)-75, Tubi
171. The Brain Eaters (1958, VeSota)-79, Tubi
172. Death Curse of Tartu (1966, Grefé)-74, Tubi
173. Sting of Death (1966, Grefé)-77, Tubi
174. Blood Quantum (2019, Barnaby)-80, Shudder
175. I Bury the Living (1958, Band)-88, Tubi
176. Candyman (2021, DaCosta)-94, Theater Viewing
177. Head Count (2019, Callahan)-77, Shudder
178. Found Footage 3D (2016, DeGennaro)-70, Shudder
179. The Color Out of Space (2020, Stanley)-88, Shudder
180. Shakma (1990, Logan, Parks)-65, Shudder
181. Copshop (2021, Carnahan)-85, Theater Viewing
182. Malignant (2021, Wan)-93, Theater Viewing


183. The Church (1989, Soavi)-40, Tubi
184. Blood (1973, Milligan)-60, Tubi
185. Cannibal Ferox (1981, Lenzi)-35, Shudder
186. Sorority House Massacre (1986, Frank)-70, Shudder
187. Pledge Night (1990, Ziller)-10, Shudder
188. WNUF Halloween Special (2013, LaMartina, Branscome, Jones, Maccubbin, Martin, Menter, Schoeb)-78, Shudder
189. Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020, Rodriguez)-80, Netflix Instant Viewing
190. No Time To Die (2021, Fukunaga)-90, Theater Viewing
191. One Dark Night (1983, McLoughlin)-79, Tubi
192. Doom Asylum (1987, Friedman)-77, Tubi
193. Hannah, Queen of the Vampires (1973, Salvador, Danton)-80, Tubi
194. Death By Invitation (1971, Friedman)-51, Tubi
195. Two Thousand Maniacs (1964, Lewis)-85, Tubi
196. Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks (1974, Randall)-40, Tubi
197. The Convent (2000, Mendez), Tubi

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Horrorfest 2021 Presents: Doom Asylum (1987, Richard Friedman)

Sure Doom Asylum is silly, cheesy, and very low budget. At one point a character says something about a person meeting them and God or whatever. I can’t remember, it was hilarious. This is a fun late 1980s slasher movie that refuses to take itself seriously, has a decent enough cast and is good fun trash that works anyways. Elements of the movie are a parody of slasher movies anyways, and work better in comedic fashion.

A lawyer and his girlfriend get in a horrible car crash. She dies, he becomes a mutilated killer who lurks in an abandoned aslyum. Some young folks show up to get horribly murdered in various ways by the killer, who spends half the flick watching old movies. Kristin Davis is probably the most famous actress in this movie, followed by Patty Mullen.

The ending made me laugh actually, and the kills are really good for a silly movie such as this one. Also the killer has some hilarious one liners and he looks really gruesome. This flick is easily a The Last Drive In candidate, although I’m sure the folks there have already seen this and I bet Joe Bob Briggs has reviewed it at some point. Check it out.

Horrorfest 2021 Presents: One Dark Night (1983, Tom McLoughlin)

Even though most of the action happens in the last half of the movie, One Dark Night is still a decent horror movie. Plus the final act is pretty cool and quite weird, as if the movie couldn’t decide whether to be a slasher zombie movie or a vampire flick. So it choose all of those, combining different elements. I wish the kill count had been higher, still this is a flick I recommend anyways.

Julie (Meg Tilly) wants to join a group of popular girls despite her boyfriend telling her she’s better off ignoring them. They decide to send her to spend the night in a local mausoleum, and decide to come back to scare her. Too bad for them all a local occultist has been entombed there as well! Does he come back from the dead? What do you think? Also hey Adam West is even in the movie! Neat.

Melissa Newman also plays the daughter of the dead occultist, Raymar (what a great name) who attempts to figure out what her father was up to, and Robin Evans, E. G. Daily and Leslie Speights are the Sisters club that is responsible for Julie’s situation in the first place. I liked the zombies in this movie, and the finale is definitely pretty wild. It’s too bad that Tom McLoughlin didn’t make more movies, as between this one and Jason Lives he seemed to have a knack for directing watchable horror movies. Oh well.

Horrorfest 2021 Presents: Vampires vs the Bronx (2020, Osmany Rodriguez)

Vampires vs. the Bronx is a fun modern horror movie that has some cliches yet is still good and benefits from its young, talented cast. The flick also wisely uses gentrification as a main plot point, with the vampires buying up the neighborhood. Naturally no one believes the kids because well, they’re kids, and also since vampires in the modern era sound preposterous.

Naturally I’m reminded of Monster Squad and even Stand By Me, yet also I thought of Fool from The People Under The Stairs. Jaden Michael, Gerald W. Jones III and Gregory Diaz IV form the trio of boys in over their heads yet determined to defeat the evil infecting their neighborhood. Zoe Saldana, Shea Whigham and Cliff “Method Man” Smith are three of the veteran actors they got to play key roles as well.

Despite some obvious and kind of unavoidable cliches, Vampires vs the Bronx is a solid Netflix movie that also works as a fun summer movie, too. I would have liked to have seen this on the big screen, yet being unable to do so I made due via my flat screen, instead. That’s usually how I end up viewing horror movies these days, as a lot of them never make it to my area.

Horrorfest 2021 Presents: WNUF Halloween Special (2013, Chris LaMartina, James Branscome, Shawn Jones, Scott Maccubbin, Lonnie Martin, Matthew Menter,Andy Schoeb)

Despite being low budget and taking its sweet time for anything to really happen, WNUF Halloween Special is a solid found footage movie that captures the spirit of the 1980s really well. The funny fake commercials spiced into a supposedly live broadcast on Halloween night make this a fun movie to watch. Plus it’s nice to see a horror movie that’s set on Halloween, as not too many of those seem to exist.

Frank (Paul Fahrenkopf) and his camera crew have set up shop in a supposedly haunted house. For ratings, of course. Oh the ratings! However they get more than they bargained for in the process. The footage by the way is very authentic looking since the film’s creators shot this movie in that fuzzy, old school VHS format that everyone loves to wax nostalgia about.

My favorite bit is the carpet commercials, especially since those don’t seem to have changed very much since the 1980s. Check this movie out on Shudder for its goofy charm, nicely creepy final act and to witness a decent homage to a decade long gone. I wouldn’t mind a sequel to this, either.

Horrorfest 2021 Presents: Pledge Night (1990, Paul Ziller)

If Pledge Night wasn’t on a streaming service, I never would have seen it. Then I would have been spared one of the worst horror movies I’ve ever seen in years. It’s really awful, which is too bad since the main villain is ok by slasher movie standards. Oh for some dumb reason Acid Sid doesn’t even show up until way too late in the movie. How can you have a slasher movie where no one gets killed until the flick is almost over? Lame.

I didn’t care about the people in this movie, and I guarantee in about a month I’ll forget I even watched this movie. The title is also dumb considering that the movie takes place over the course of multiple days. Imagine Animal House’s Kevin Bacon gets spanked scene only stretched out longer. Bad slasher movies such as this one do serve only good purpose: they make me appreciate the way better ones.

Sorority House Massacre (1986, Carol Frank)

Made at the height of the 1980s slasher craze, Sorority House Massacre feels a tad cliche and old hat by that point. Yet the characters are likable enough, the kills are brutal and it has decent enough pacing to be an alright movie. A bunch of college ladies are hanging out in an house, only the house was once home to gruesome murders!

Unfortunately for them, the new woman (Angela O’Neill) who moved in has a tie to those killings. Does the killer return and kill a bunch of people? You bet. Is this movie a quasi ripoff of Halloween? Um, kind of to a certain degree. Did I mind? Not really, as Halloween and Friday the 13th clones were common in this era. The title may be dumb but I enjoyed this movie as much as I possibly could.

Horrorfest 2021 Presents: Cannibal Ferox (1981, Umberto Lenzi)

Every negative thing people said about Cannibal Holocaust applies instead to Cannibal Ferox, which is a wretched piece of trash. I didn’t mind the poor acting or the low budget, nope that wasn’t an issue. The problem is I didn’t care about what happened to any of the characters and the plot is really dumb. It’s all just an excuse to feature lots of gore and horrible things being done to people.

I’m reminded of Roger Ebert calling movies geek shows, and I sometimes felt he was being too harsh or getting up on his moral high horse. Yet I think he had a point at times and geek show definitely applies to Cannibal Ferox. This is a repulsive, lame excuse for a movie that I’m glad I saw on a streaming service instead of in theaters. I’m also maybe a little unnerved that I wasn’t affected by this movie. Perhaps I watch too many horror movies every year.

Horrorfest 2021 Presents: Blood (1973, Andy Milligan)

Blood is a really weird low budget 1970s horror flick that I’m not sure I liked or not. There are certain aspects that worked, and I didn’t hate the movie. Yet Andy Milligan veers between a vampire movie, a werewolf movie and even a killer plant movie. I think he would have benefited from cutting out some plot aspects.

I did laugh at the ending, which I think I was supposed to as I believe it was a nice joke. Some of the movie is really slow and most of the interesting moments only happen in the final act. I suppose you could do worse horror movie wise, and you could also do better. Blood has it’s goofy charms, I suppose.

Horrorfest 2021 Presents: The Church (1989, Michele Soavi)

Hey I wanted to like The Church. I’m usually a sucker for goofy, outrageous 1980s crazy foreign cinema. I just wasn’t feeling this one and by the end I was ready for it to be over. This is how I imagine most people feel when sitting through giallo movies that I enjoy a lot. This is a flick that maybe could have used less plot, or more plot, or I donno, something. By the time really cool things start happening I had already fallen asleep and it took me two days to finish this movie.

None of that is a good sign. Alright the subway train death was neat, and hey look the Devil or some demon shows up near the end to do evil things! Yey! The opener promised a much cooler movie than what I watched, and I’m left frustrated that I didn’t like this movie. I bet if I had seen this in theaters I would have felt ripped off, and I saw it for free on Tubi and I still feel ripped off. Sigh…

Horrorfest 2021 Presents: Malignant (2021, James Wan)

After doing big time Hollywood franchise movies, James Wan returned to give us another freaky horror movie. In this case I’m not sure if Malignant is a great bad movie, a good movie, or a complete mess. However I dug this movie a lot, and it managed to creep me out and even scare me at times, which is more than I can say for a lot of horror movies.

Madison (Annabelle Wallis) begins to have nightmarish visions of murders in Seattle. Her sister, Sydney (Maddie Hasson) decides to investigate, and what she uncovers is both shocking and disturbing. James Wan creates a horror movie that is equal parts giallo, supernatural thriller, and body horror movie in one crazy, glorious package.

This movie should be viewed for the cop station scene alone, and also because it’s a giant homage to the films that clearly inspired James Wan. Plus George Young is actually really good as the one cop who mostly believes Madison, and the final act is utterly insane. Some may not enjoy this movie, yet I feel many such as myself will champion it years from now.

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