Horrorfest 2019: Never Sleep Again

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They are not paying me for promotional purposes. Yet….

Well it is time for another Horrorfest, especially since last year’s worked great and resulted in me reviving my love for horror movies. Every time I think I’ll stop doing these something causes me to continue, and in this case the magic of streaming services makes it possible I will be doing this until I finally die…or return as the undead. I thought about doing a list but that never works, so all films listed here are ones I have actually viewed, with reviews to bore-I mean, follow. Enjoy! PS: This was my 500th blog post. Very fitting, indeed.

1. The Babysitter (2017, Slasher)-https://madman731.wordpress.com/2019/08/03/horrorfest-2019-presents-the-babysitter-2017-mcg/

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2019 Movie Log

It’s that time again already. Should I go for 200 movies this year and give up all my sanity and free time? Eh I think 100+ is enough.



1. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018, Ramsey, Persichetti Jr., Rothman)-99, Theater Viewing
2. The Day After Tomorrow (2004, Emmerich)-35, AMC
3. Deep Impact (1998, Leder)-40, AMC
4. Under the Skin (2013, Glazer)-92, Netflix Instant Viewing
5. Crazy Rich Asians (2018, Chu)-93, RedBox
6. Night of the Living Deb (2015, Rankin)-81, Shudder
7. The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972, Pierce)-70, Shudder
8. Vice (2018, McKay)-96, Theater Viewing)
9. The Town (2010, Affleck)-91, AMC
10. Paddington (2015, King)-93, TubiTV
11. Samurai Cop (1991, Shervan)-90, TubiTV
12. Island of the Fishermen (1979, Martino)-65, Shout! TV
13. Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell (1987, Monaco)-80, Netflix Instant Viewing
14. Enemy (2014, Villeneuve)-95, Netflix Instant Viewing
15. Up the Creek (1984, Butler)-64, Charge TV
16. Night of the Living Dead (1990, Savini)-84, DVD


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17. Once Upon a Crime (1992, Levy)-71, This TV
18. Happy Death Day (2017, Landon)-88, RedBox
19. The Favourite (2018, Lanthimos)-96, Theater Viewing
20. Hereditary (2018, Aster)-96, RedBox
21. BlacKkKlansman (2018, Lee)-100, RedBox
22. Bird Box (2018, Bier)-80, Netflix Instant Viewing
23. You Were Never Really Here (2017, Ramsay)-93, RedBox
24. Happy Death Day 2U (2019, Landon)-84, Theater Viewing
25. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019, Mitchell)-91, Theater Viewing


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26. Brain Damage (1988, Henenlotter)-90, Shudder
27. Captain Marvel (2019, Fleck, Boden)-86, Theater Viewing
28. Deadbeat At Dawn (1988, Van Bebber)-82, Shudder
29. The Old Man & the Gun (2018, Lowery)-93, RedBox
30. Us (2019, Peele)-100, Theater Viewing
31. Hunt For The Wilderpeople (2016, Waititi)-96, Hulu
32. The Highwaymen (2019, Hancock)-73, Netflix Instant Viewing
33. Annihilation (2018, Garland)-91, Hulu
34. The Meteor Man (1993, Townsend)-70, Comet! TV


35. Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror (2019, Burgin)-95, Shudder
36. Deathgasm (2015, Howden)-81, Shudder
37. Pet Sematary (2019, Kolsch, Widmyer)-86, Theater Viewing
38. Meet the Feebles (1989, Jackson)-80, Tubi TV
39. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001, Smith)-85, Netflix Instant Viewing
40. My Bloody Valentine 3-D (2009, Lussier)-30, Netflix Instant Viewing
41. Hardcore Henry (2016, Naishuller)-85, Netflix Instant Viewing
42. Cecil B. DeMented (2000, Waters)-90, Tubi TV


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43. Avengers: Endgame (2019, Russo Brothers)-90, Theater Viewing
44. Urufu gai: Moero ôkami-otoko (1975, Yamaguchi)-89, Shudder
45. Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019, Letterman)-91, Theater Viewing
46. Destroy All Monsters (1968, Honda)-86, Tubi TV
47. John Wick: Chapter 3-Parabellum (2019, Stahelski,)-92, Theater Viewing
48. Demon Wind (1990, Moore)-50, Shudder
49. Her (2013, Jonze), Netflix Instant Viewing


50. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019, Dougherty)-90, Theater Viewing
51. Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine (2016, Grove)-20, Theater Viewing/RiffTrax
52. Rocketman (2019, Fletcher)-92, Theater Viewing
53. Miami Vice (2006, Mann)-90, Netflix Instant Viewing
54. Zodiac (2007, Fincher)-95, Netflix Instant Viewing
55. The Day the Earth Froze (1959. Ptushko)-35, Netflix Instant Viewing
56. Men In Black: International (2019, Gray)-68, Theater Viewing
57. Aladdin (2019, Ritchie)-81, Theater Viewing


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58. Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019, Watts)-93, Theater Viewing
59. Child’s Play (2019, Klevberg)-87, Theater Viewing
60. Kill The Irishman (2011, Hensleigh)-80, Netflix Instant Viewing
61. Nightmare at Shadow Woods (1987, Grissmer)-35, Shudder
62. Brooklyn’s Finest (2010, Fuqua)-60, Netflix Instant Viewing
63. Midsommar (2019, Aster)-96, Theater Viewing
64. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019, Tarentino)-97, Theater Viewing


65. Hellfighters (1968, McLaglen)-65, Blu ray
66. The Babysitter (2017, McG)-86, Netflix Instant Viewing
67. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009, Gilliam)-70, Netflix Instant Viewing
68. The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018, Fogel)-75, Hulu

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Rant of the Day: Down With The Sickness

Yes I went with the amusing cover version. Didn’t see that coming, did yah?

It seems that only in America do people go to work sick, because this country hates the working class and thinks its macho to arrive at your job when you sound on the verge of death. Well that and the lack of sick days to anyone who is not a regular or full time employee, as paying bills has to overcome the rightful urge to stay in bed and watch Netflix while you cough and sneeze every five minutes. I am guilty of showing up at my job despite needing tissues, cough drops and a million bottles of water to even stay upright, and it did result in me being set home one Sunday.

My stance on this issue is that damn your money problems, stay home if you are sick. Especially if your job does give you sick days, so in that case you have no excuse. Going to work and getting everyone else sick is a douche move, and on top of that you won’t be even half as productive. Plus one of these days that asshole who never washes their hands is going to create a new kind of virus that wipes out half the population, and I know they always go to work sick no matter what.

On the other hand, that is the privileged position of someone who can actively afford to take a sick day, which just occurred to me as I almost finished this article and wasted time googling funny sick day pictures online. Boy does this country really suck way too much at times. As for people who call in sick when they are not actually sick, those people are even worse, and yet I think most of America has done this at least once. No further comment on that matter..

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Horrorfest 2019 Presents: The Babysitter (2017, McG)

Finally lying down, beer in hand, I watched The Babysitter last night. This was my kind of late night modern slasher film-savvy, fun, really violent, channeling the 1980s. In fact this movie would have been right at home during the slasher heyday, and if it was older many would regard The Babysitter as some lost cult classic. As it stands it is a really good modern day horror film, one with a good cast and snappy one liners.

Young Cole doesn’t realize until it’s too late that his super gorgeous babysitter, Bee, is the leader of a devil cult. One that sacrifices lonely losers and then uses the blood of the innocent to achieve power. Or, something along those lines, that aspect was not important. Once the group finds out that Cole knows, the poor kid has to run and this movie turns into Home Alone on steroids. Bonus points for the Foghat hanging out montage that is oddly adorable.

Sure I have seen this kind of movie done before, yet pure slasher cinema is apparently Bella Thorne crying about getting shot in the boob. Also Samera Weaving and Judah Lewis have that nice bit of chemistry that was just not meant to last. I wouldn’t mind if this became a franchise, although it is unlikely to happen. Even though it is cool that this is on Netflix, getting to see it on the big screen would have been more satisfying. Oh well.

You Want Racists? This Is How You Get Racists

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At this point I don’t think the Orange Idiot pretending to run this country from his golf course is attempting to distract from anything currently, as his so called administration has numerous scandals going on. In fact the obvious to about anyone else racist tweets he sends out on an almost regular basis are a feature of his “Presidency,” not a bug. I want to blame Stephen Miller for all of them yet I don’t think that ghoulish excuse for a human being needs to force Orange Man to unleash his so called thoughts upon the populace. Also forget keeping tabs on him, blocking him on Twitter was the smartest thing I have done all year, even though way too many people I follow insist on responding to his nonsense. Let it go, folks-he wants your attention, doesn’t care how he gets it, and following him and or responding to his childish outbursts only feeds the troll.

Of course I’m not naive enough to think that is a final solution, yet it sounds like a pretty good one: Trump only cares about if you are looking at his nonsense, and he goes crazy when people focus on someone or something else. The only danger in this is that he starts a major war, although that will probably happen sooner rather than later anyways. Remember folks: if the Democrats screw up 2020 it is four more years of racism, temper tantrums, meltdowns and the continuing decline of America. Oh and it’s funny how every time he does bash a city or country he never offers any solutions, because that requires time and effort-two things he has never believed in.

Piracy, Argh!


My coworker, Kaine, once said “This is why we commit crimes” as a joke. However this can apply to the incoming rise of online piracy that is going to happen. Everyone and their dog is creating a streaming service, which is bad. Not everything or everyone needs to have one, and the whole thing goes from monopolies to way too much segmentation.

Plus I don’t get why network TV streaming services that are free still require a cable subscription. It doesn’t matter I guess since cable is where streaming is heading towards. Eventually there will be streaming buddles or something like that. People are also overracting to Netflix losing Friends and The Office. I don’t get subscribing to a service for only one or two shows, yet people do it anyways.

Perhaps folks will use second hand stores like Half-Price Books to find TV on physical media. More than likely many will go back to pirating TV, especially since jailbroken firesticks exist. I prefer to do things the legal way, and so I guess there are just some shows and movies I won’t get to watch. I don’t have enough time as it is regardless.

In The Streaming Waiting Line

One of the bad things about having both free and paid streaming sites at my disposal is that I have way too many queues full of movies and TV shows that I either choose to ignore or do not have time to watch. It is bad enough that I also have a queue on my folks Netflix for whenever I stop by, in addition to the Netflix I already am paying for. This on top of Shudder, Hulu, Tubi TV, and even Crackle (the last two are free, at least), so the list is pretty long. There are times when I admit I am not going to watch something and remove it from the queue, or I finally watch something only to add something new in its place. While in the beginning a queue was a good way to make sure you did not lose that cool looking new or old movie/TV show you really want to see, it is now a reminder that you are not watching said program.

In this case, it stems from me being a huge procrastinator (I actually finished Bird Box, after months of putting the second half off. Whoops). One solution is to simply purge my lists and just watch whatever I am interested in, although that means having to search for programming. That usually ends in me looking through stuff without ever hitting watch, another problem for another time. A better idea is to suck it up and go through everything on my queue, although a tricky idea is to simply wait for most of it to go away due to expiring rights issues. Maybe if someone came up with a way to go without sleep….yes…

Binge This! Weekly Pick: The Umbrella Academy (Steve Blackman, Jeremy Slater)


I figured that starting a new trend of posting about the shows I quickly go through on streaming services would be a good way of keeping myself busy in-between Horrorfests and other musings. This week’s pick is The Umbrella Academy, which I finally burned through in less than a week after letting it sit on my queue long after it was released. While my usual enjoyment of superhero fair caused this show to catch my attention, the very likable and easy to relate to characters gave me a reason to keep watching. The plot is rather Watchmen/The-X-Men meets The Royal Tenenbaums: a group of kids are all born on the same day, and were adopted by an eccentric rich man who enrolls them in his own private school. This man, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, is played by Colm Feore, and is reveled through flashbacks to be, in the words of his adapted son Diego, “A monster.”

Naturally as the show goes on things are way more complicated, of course, particularly since the fate of the world is at stake. The adapted kids have grown up: Luther is on the moon, Allison is an actress, Diego is a vigilante, Vanya is a concert violinist, Klaus has a terrible drug addiction and Ben (Justin H. Min), is well…watch and see. Back into their lives comes Number Five (Aidan Gallagher-no really, that’s his name) who disappeared years ago by traveling into the future by mistake. What I also liked about this show is how the flashbacks are handled-you get a decent amount of information, but only enough to keep you curious. Also the show has a good way of using musical cues, and there is a good deal of sly humor as well. Ellen Page is the main star, yet I rather liked the entire cast as a whole-particularly Tom Hopper as Luther and Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison. If I have one big complaint it is that the show focus a lot on them and Number Five, especially since Klaus (Robert Sheehan) is just as interesting, and the rest of the group feels a bit left behind at times. Particularly Diego (David Castañeda), who has a more serious, affectionate connection to their adopted mother than the others. Although Number Five’s issues and problems are rather connected to and even the cause of what happens later on, so…

Thankfully there is going to be a Season 2, although I cannot say more about how the season ends. I do want to know several things (spoilers), and the the final scene leaves many questions to be answered. I have not read the comic this show is based off of, however I might at some point. If you enjoy something oddball and at times really dark, this show is for you. If you prefer something that doesn’t feature a robot and a talking monkey helping a stern old man look after some kids who grew up with powers, then look for something else. Having watched enough shows over the years that is not even the weirdest plot elements I have encountered, but they certainly are favorable to my interests.

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They’re playing Basketball



I haven’t heard that song in years. I can’t recall the last time I discussed basketball or sports on this blog, so I figured the start of the NBA Finals would be a perfect time to cover one of my favorite sports. My major problems with the sport aside (lack of calling traveling, bad foul calls, and a lack of serious competitive parity) I have been a fan since I was old enough to dribble. Although my ball handing skills are rather poor, I was able to shoot the three okay when I was younger and less heavier. I love college basketball more, and that is a separate column that will have to wait until next year. Since the NBA has been a joke for some time in terms of the Warriors being the clear cut easy to pick champ (that 3-1 blown lead against the Cavaliers and LeBron aside), I sometimes bandwagon hop while sticking with two squads: the Utah Jazz and the Phoenix Suns.

This post season I went with the Milwaukee Bucks, however they choked against the stupid Raptors, so I do not have any problems with the Warriors being victorious again. Also I am hoping that leads to Kevin Durant leaving in free agency, although that is unlikely to happen. Do I have the Warriors in 4 games? Nah, I will go with six for a conservative pick, if only because KD is banged up and the Warriors have looked semi-mortal during their current post season run. Kawhi Leonard has literally carried Toronto during their playoff run, so it should be fun to see if he can keep it up. I doubt he gets enough help to make that happen.


Well this was horribly wrong, although I did not expect Klay Thompson to get injured. Props to the Raptors for showing up.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986, Tobe Hooper)

My Halloween night was rather busy for someone who decided to stay in. I watched a couple flicks to start the day, then began drinking around 4 or 5. I spent a couple hours handing out candy to a bunch of trick or treaters until 8:30, while also viewing Hot Fuzz with a friend who had never seen it before. So when I made it upstairs to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, I was tired and ready to pass out, which I did. Only to wake up at 2 in the morning annoyed and thirsty. I grabbed some brews and put on my copy of Tobe Hooper’s cult classic sequel, which I found on blu ray at Best Buy earlier that month, and hit play.

Although this flick does not live up to the original classic, it is still a fun gory time. Dennis Hopper is an excellent choice as Lefty, the Texas lawman who desires revenge against the infamous Sawyer clan. Aiding him is rock DJ Vanita, played by the awesome Caroline Williams. However Bill Moseley steals the movie as Brick Top, in an equal parts creepy and funny performance. It also helps that Hooper came back to helm this one, as it follows the events of the original a decade later. 

Thus my Horrorfest was concluded with a good solid slasher film, which is fitting considering how much I love the genre at this point. Also all of my four Halloween viewings were physical media ones, in contrast to my usual large use of streaming these days. Check out TCM 2, a late happy Halloween to all, and a see you all for Horrorfest 2019.

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