Confession Time: I have mostly abandoned this blog, for five reasons.

1) Less free time to do things I used to enjoy (movies, books, music, life in general) due to work.

2) Writers block seems to pop up more and more, not less

3) Drinking more has not lead to the past inspiration it used to bring out in me. I just pass out instead

4) I do not have a laptop, and WordPress’ phone app has gotten worse and worse to the point where I want to chuck my phone

5) My life is a never ending amount of mediocrity that I feel I will never escape from

So perhaps I will come back, later. Or not. Whatever.




Original Post:

I’m a long time message board poster, and years ago I entered into the world of social media. This is just a nice little forum for any thoughts that pop into my head.

This is actually the third blog I’ve had, the first two also being called “Down The Rabbit Hole.” Officially the title was used for an RT journal back when Rotten Tomatoes had journals (and when the forums existed), and I’ve stuck with the title ever since (being a fan of Alice in Wonderland, or at least liking the title enough to stick with it). I do have another site but its a tumblr page and its called “Down A Dark Alley,” which was taken from a blog entry on my second Google blog covering all of the Horrorfest reviews I had penned over the years.

Really though the last two blogs were too movie centric, and I’ve decided that this blog should be more general in its approach to different topics. Which may or may not result in expanded viewing, although I’m not worried about this blog being insanely popular since its just a pet project of mine. Blogging though is really fun, and I aim to continue doing it for many years to come.


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