Horrorfest 2020 Presents: Haunt (2019,  Scott Beck, Bryan Woods)

Shudder kept recommending me this movie, yet I only got to Haunt because it was on a Joe Bob Briggs special. I think I put it off really because it seemed scary, and while it wasn’t as scary as I expected this is definitely a creepy movie. Haunted houses are bad enough without weirdos wandering around in masks, and in this case the weirdos decide to murder you and your friends. Should have stayed home, college kids. It’s what I do every Halloween when I’m not at work. It was easy this year because of a national pandemic.

Harper and Nathan are both likable characters, and their friends were sympathetic enough. The traps in this film can often be quite brutal, and the movie has some “Ouch! Yikes!” moments that I appreciated. Although the middle part of the film dragged, the rest of this was really quite good, and I liked this movie a lot. No need for a sequel either, yet the film did leave room for one. I want to see what Scott Beck and Bryan Woods do next.

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