Horrorfest 2020 Presents: The Invisible Man (2020, Leigh Whannell)

I really wish I had been able to see The Invisible Man on the big screen, but that opportunity was cut short by covid closing movie theaters. This was a pretty engaging, creepy and near great horror remake. I’m not sure if I like the final act, yet the rest is intense and covers PTSD and abusive relationships. Elisabeth Moss turns in a well rounded and haunted performance as Cecilia, who refuses to believe she is truly free of her abusive and controlling husband.

Well, she turns out to be right, even though her best friend (the always great Aldis Hodge), who is a cop, his daughter Sydney (Storm Reid) and her sister Emily think she is crazy anyways. Or at the very least they feel she is overreacting. I liked the scenes where Cecilia thinks her husband is still around because we, the audience, know that he has achieved the impossible: becoming invisible.

Also I liked how certain aspects of this movie were slasher movie related. I’m not sure how the final act works with the rest of the movie’s moral framework, yet I will be thinking about this one for awhile. Give me more of these type of remakes, ones that build upon the original’s foundation. I wonder if the rest of the planned monster movies will be more Invisible Man and less The Mummy, which I didn’t bother to see. One can hope.

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