Horrorfest 2015 Presents: Housebound (2014, Gerard Johnstone)

Like many other twisty and novel horror movies Housebound isn’t easy to review. One has to avoid spoilers and yet still discuss the film in solid if not extensive detail. What I did note is how wonderfully funny this movie is, and how it only has a few actual scares. Which is fine considering the events that occur and how the movie at times mocks horror cliches and is savvy and well scripted. I do wish this movie had been frightening yet its high level of quality over compensates. Also the cast does a great job, too.

The film’s dynamic centers on the troubled relationship between Kylie and her mother, Miriam. Since Kylie is a regular offender she has been sentenced to house arrest, trapped in her mother’s house. Which may or may not be haunted. And which is next door to a potential murderer, too. If that’s not horror movie territory I don’t know what is, and Housebound mines it very well.

Also what I like is security contractor, Amos, who is both funny and a great foil for Kylie as she investigates what is really going on. There is a scene that is timely and utterly hilarious, not to mention a number of thrilling moments. Housebound despite its flaws is an excellent addition to the horror genre. New Zealand has contributed plenty to the genre and will hopefully continue to do so in the future.

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