Road Ragin’

Some jackass almost hit me the other day while driving their red truck. It’s called right of way man, yet this person clearly failed to understand a simple classic rule of the road. And people wonder about how someone gets road rage. The shitty drivers in this town are enough to drive anyone crazy. I’ve had bad road rage for years and its unlikely to abate in the near present or future.

Of course my town has red light cameras, and its because of all the awful drivers in the area who speed, fail to properly stop, and engage in bad driving behavior. It’s gotten to the point where people from other places who get hit with speeding tickets from the cameras have complained in my town’s local paper. Well there are speed traps everywhere, and in the case of these cameras the police were able to justify them as a result of people driving like idiots. In short, you brought this on yourselves folks.

Although  I will say that the few good drivers out there do make traveling rather easy and maybe enjoyable. Not everyone drives like they failed driver’s ed, and for that I am glad. Now would those who drive slow in the left lane kindly piss off and move into the slow lane. For all of our sakes.

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