Cargo Shorts

Hell yeah!

People hate on cargo shorts for no reason. They’re comfy, have multiple pockets and can be worn as long as its warm out. People can wear them more than once a week until the smell becomes too obvious. Yes I own multiple pairs and I’ve stopped caring if they make me look like an old man.

Let me know when anything else can hold the stuff I need. Phone charger, ear buds, mask, wallet, beer coozy, and additional items usually fit in two large pockets on each side. I can’t afford a man purse and I’m not carrying a bag with me. Oh and cargo shorts are pretty comfy and I’ve always found them in my size. I can’t say that about any other type of pants.

Not to mention numerous clothing places offer cargo shorts, which means that either they’re at least popular. Yeah I’ll appeal to the common denominator here for my central argument, while admitting that come Fourth of July week I’ll probably be heading to Old Navy for some new pairs.

Rant of the Day: Curb Your Dog!

I was walking Molly my goldenedoodle the other day and I noticed just how much dog crap was lying around everywhere. People do not curb their dogs in the winter or even in the warmer seasons and it’s disgusting. They’re making other dog owners look bad and lazy. Just bring some plastic bags and be prepared to wash your hands extra hard when you get home. It’s part of being a dog owner.

One solution is to yell at all the people who don’t pick up after their dogs. Me I’ll just keep on being a good dog owner which isn’t hard in theory but practice is a bit different. I doubt any cops will hand out fines for people not curbing their dogs. I mean even if they did people would still leave dog poop everywhere.

It’s also a biohazard issue, too which of course these people don’t care about. Folks always notice when civilization falls apart yet don’t pay attention to the little things that form cracks in the foundations.

No Tweets, No Problems

Yeah but it was my hellsite. Once.

Maybe I would care more about Twitter suspending me over a tweet about fictional characters if other social media platforms didn’t exist. But they do and honestly I’m on pretty much all of them. I’ll miss getting followed by The Last Drive In crew and Sam Neil, yet the former are heavily on Instagram anyways. This also comes at a time when I’m trying to dodge Spider-Man movie spoilers and Twitter is rifled with those.

Also they fail to crack down on bots, obvious trolls and people who definitely give off the alt right Nazi vibe. Facebook sucks at that also and they’ve suspended me a couple times for jokes about white people. Hello, I’m white. Whatever. Sure I’ve filed multiple appeals that didn’t work and even had some crypto person tell me they could restore my account for a fee (um no I’m good). I did keep the backup account which Twitter forgot about even though it has my real name as my username for that one haha.

Maybe I’ll restart again but I spent 10 years on that site and didn’t even get past more than 1500 or 1600 followers. That’s pretty pathetic. Sorry to those who relied on me for likes and comments, yet I’m sure they’ll be fine. Anyways they can find me on five other apps so I think it’ll work out alright. Plus maybe I’ll actually use the time I would waste tweeting to focus on that giant movie backlog of mine. Which I’ll probably Instagram about.


You can do it in 2021 | Garbage can, Trash meme, Trash quotes

As someone who works in retail I’ve encountered plenty of trash. It’s a pet peeve of mine that people litter and leave trash everywhere, particularly since you can usually find a garbage can somewhere. We only have one planet. Something completely lost on some folks who need a reminder. I guess they figure they’ll be dead before the climate change bill comes due. Wishful thinking on their part.

I recall someone writing a letter to the Gazette editorial page saying Cedar Rapids has a lot of trash. They are not wrong as people litter everywhere as if they are savages. Even savages could manage to find a trash receptacle to dispose of their waste in. Litters are wankers who should be forced to clean up trash on the highway. Perhaps it would teach them a valuable lesson.

On the other hand I guess they offer one of my coworkers job security as he ends up having to sweep the parking lot while doing other janitorial work. Still I imagine he would prefer that our customers not turn the outside into one big trash can. Even more frustrating is that there are multiple garbage cans outside, including one that is literally right by the front door. People never learn.

Everything Will Kill You Everything Will Kill You Motorcycle poster Everything will kill  you so choose something fun Horizontal Poster Print Perfect, Ideas On Xmas,  Birthday, Home Decor, No Frame (24" x 16" (1"=2.5cm)): Posters
That dog is way cooler than me.

I innocently Googled air fresheners today and found out they are actually bad for you. I’m eating French fries which doctors say will shorten your lifespan and also, well, kill you. Everything will kill you. Animals will kill you. People will kill you. Death will kill you. There’s a fine amount of knowledge about all the ways people can die horribly.

Sure there is a fine line between sensible facts and outright fear mongering, yet the latter sure makes for good clickbait. In fact the media seems to prefer scaring the crap out of people. Then there are those who use fear to harm others, particularly people spewing baseless conspiracy theories about vaccines which could help people. Not just in regard to covid ones, too.

Hmm “Everything Will Kill You” actually sounds like a pretentious 1990s alt rock album. I think having a healthy balance of fear and rational belief could work. Or just go with fear and loathing, it did work out for a certain famous writer…

The Famous Cigarette Holder - TarGard Cigarette Filters

New Year’s Resolutions

Yeah I know this should be a joke but I’m serious this time. I swear. Anyways I came up with some.

1. Quit or limit fast food

2. Cut back on drinking

3. Learn to cook

4. Work out or exercise

5. Actually go somewhere on vacation (subject to how bad covid is this summer and if pandemic lessens)

Caught In The Crossfire

Stevie Ray Vaughan was an artist. Oddly his classic track “Crossfire” has a bit of reference to our current situation. I figured I would use my main blog to discuss some of the effects the coronavirus pandemic has had on my store and save the politics for my other blog. March isn’t even over yet and it feels like the longest month of my life.

Things started pretty well-I enjoyed my birthday, went to my favorite bar and watched some movies. Then as the panic set in, things went to shit quickly over the next couple of weeks. I noticed something was up when I came into work and we were insanely busy on a Monday of all days. I mean usually 5-7 is when we have the most traffic, but this was ridiculous.

Then later that night after spending hours on the registers I walked through the aisles. It looked like a hurricane hit the whole place.

When I made it to the paper/dog food aisle, I couldn’t believe my eyes:

I mean, this is insane. Almost a week and a half later and we are still out of so many different things. Toilet paper goes in literally five minutes as does bread, ramen, hand sanitizer and wipes are completely gone. We were sold out of eggs last Tuesday, although we got more in thankfully. Milk is still ok because people can’t completely hoard that. Although I imagine people have tried elsewhere.

I responded last week by filling up my gas tank (thanks to falling gas prices and Fuel Saver it was really cheap) and buying some food of mine own. I am ok on toilet paper for now but I had to grab some last Friday. Things have died down a bit, however I wonder if that is because a lot of people are not leaving their homes. Luckily most customers have been understanding, and I have even gotten thank you’s from people appreciating that we are staying open.

For now I am desperately trying to fill the shelves with whatever we have or get in and helping people find things. I do worry that I will end up getting sick, and I worry that by staying open we are risking people getting sick. However for now all I can do is keep on trucking, I guess and stay inside on my off days. There’s no where to go and nothing to do anyways.

Giving Up The Drive Thru

So weeks ago I quit fast food, because I have to make some kind of life changes and that was an easy one. Well it’s been hard at times (yes I missed out on that chicken sandwich people went nuts over), however overall it’s been smooth sailing. I even came up with a list of reasons why I don’t miss fast food:

1. The name is a lie-fast food is not fast, and it’s not really food. I don’t miss waiting in drive thru lines for 30 minutes.

2. So much bad food. I’ve had crappy fries, drinks that were flat, sandwiches I wouldn’t give to my dog, and nuggets that were undercooked.

3. Rude people and bad service coupled with those in the drive thru who get way too many items.

4. It used to be cheap, but lately fast food costs so much you might as well stay in or go to an actual restaurant.

5. Too many fast food places have raised prices, yet refuse to raise wages for their workers. Plus the long list of charges against these companies as outlined by Fast Food Nation.

I will admit that a lapse is bound to happen sooner rather than later, and I still can’t quit chips or bar food. But hey, it’s a start.

Rant of the Day: Down With The Sickness

Yes I went with the amusing cover version. Didn’t see that coming, did yah?

It seems that only in America do people go to work sick, because this country hates the working class and thinks its macho to arrive at your job when you sound on the verge of death. Well that and the lack of sick days to anyone who is not a regular or full time employee, as paying bills has to overcome the rightful urge to stay in bed and watch Netflix while you cough and sneeze every five minutes. I am guilty of showing up at my job despite needing tissues, cough drops and a million bottles of water to even stay upright, and it did result in me being set home one Sunday.

My stance on this issue is that damn your money problems, stay home if you are sick. Especially if your job does give you sick days, so in that case you have no excuse. Going to work and getting everyone else sick is a douche move, and on top of that you won’t be even half as productive. Plus one of these days that asshole who never washes their hands is going to create a new kind of virus that wipes out half the population, and I know they always go to work sick no matter what.

On the other hand, that is the privileged position of someone who can actively afford to take a sick day, which just occurred to me as I almost finished this article and wasted time googling funny sick day pictures online. Boy does this country really suck way too much at times. As for people who call in sick when they are not actually sick, those people are even worse, and yet I think most of America has done this at least once. No further comment on that matter..

Image result for sick days funny


In The Streaming Waiting Line

One of the bad things about having both free and paid streaming sites at my disposal is that I have way too many queues full of movies and TV shows that I either choose to ignore or do not have time to watch. It is bad enough that I also have a queue on my folks Netflix for whenever I stop by, in addition to the Netflix I already am paying for. This on top of Shudder, Hulu, Tubi TV, and even Crackle (the last two are free, at least), so the list is pretty long. There are times when I admit I am not going to watch something and remove it from the queue, or I finally watch something only to add something new in its place. While in the beginning a queue was a good way to make sure you did not lose that cool looking new or old movie/TV show you really want to see, it is now a reminder that you are not watching said program.

In this case, it stems from me being a huge procrastinator (I actually finished Bird Box, after months of putting the second half off. Whoops). One solution is to simply purge my lists and just watch whatever I am interested in, although that means having to search for programming. That usually ends in me looking through stuff without ever hitting watch, another problem for another time. A better idea is to suck it up and go through everything on my queue, although a tricky idea is to simply wait for most of it to go away due to expiring rights issues. Maybe if someone came up with a way to go without sleep….yes…

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