This post is brought to you by US Bank and Twitter. On Friday morning I was attempting to check my bank account on US Bank’s website after a week of blowing most of my paycheck on going to the movies, alcohol, and yes food. Upon discovering that I was unable to log in properly, I made several rather angry and grumpy tweets about how much US Bank’s website sucked. Namely:

And then another tweet from me following up:

Which got a funny response from another poster, and then to my surprise US Bank’s twitter feed actually answered back. Well at least their “Ask Back” feed, which I’m assuming is their customer service. Whether they wanted to respond so as to negate bad press or because it was the right and quick thing to do, I don’t know. I actually felt a bit sheepish when they told me they were having problems with the online banking, followed by asking me if I needed anything else. Now that’s service. In this day in age we have gone from customer service only being by phone to popping up on Twitter and the Internet. I wonder if companies use Facebook and Twitter because its faster than telephone, or if more likely its just a swift way to help customers. Regardless its interesting to me how much the Internet has changed our way of life.

Oh and if anyone does care yes I was able to finally log in to my online banking. I need to spend less money, or just use my debt card less. And be less of a grump when things don’t go my way, too. Online banking is a great feature, one that I’ve abused out of laziness and out of not wanting to drive all the way to an ATM.