I’ve Got The Holiday Blues And That Ain’t Good

The end of A Charlie Brown Christmas

This weekend I’m supposed to head out into the hustle and bustle of the crowds in search of X-Mas presents. This is a holiday that as I grow older seems to be less and less exciting to me, instead existing as a massive headache. Not even booze can aid in my ability to stomach the holiday, as I tried that last year and it didn’t work (although getting drunk on Christmas Eve is oddly recommended). Perhaps I need to go in search of new X-Mas movies/shows that I have not already seen a million times already, because the ones I love just feel tired. I’m left to wonder if perhaps I’ve turned into that grumpy asshole who despises the holiday for reasons that no one cares about, and what surprises me is that I don’t care that people know I like to hate on X-Mas (it’s so much better to turn a holiday that devours half the year into a shortened nickname. Puts it on a level I can deal with).

Yet once you get past the insanity of this singular day, not all is doom and gloom. Spending time with loved ones is great, yet this never gets covered when talking about X-Mas. For kids it’s a day of loot and often ill deserved gain, for who the hell has been good enough all year to get a PS3? The older ones reflect on memories past but are really just glad to have the company for two days, which is something I prefer to dwell on most of all. Yet even the elderly focus too much on going to church, which is what even the young are guilty of doing as well. Of course a lax Christian such as myself does show up, yet maybe that’s the problem: X-Mas has become an empty canvas, a holiday that people can use to fill whatever needs they have. Although maybe that’s not a bad thing, since most holidays are used by alcoholics as a good excuse to get wasted, and other holidays an equally strange relevance for them that borders on cult-like.

Maybe we’ll get snow this year around X-Mas, but considering the global warming I highly doubt it. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday since its X-Mas without all the unnecessary bullshit, and Halloween is treasured due to my love of horror movies and candy. X-Mas though retains a little magic since it’s just that time of the year, even as we suffer through endless replays of awful music that could be used to torture terrorists. Besides the mantra of “Its better to give than it is to receive” is something that I think everyone could really live by. Go figure.

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