Horrorfest 2022 Presents The Oracle (1985, Roberta Findlay)

The Oracle is a huge mess and for some reason looks and feels like a 1970s movie people decided to finally release a decade later. It would be not good in either decade, and I was very much let down by the whole thing. The movie tries to be both supernatural and a slasher movie and really fails at both, and it drags so much that by the end I was just glad to see the credits roll.

There was a cool decapitation kill that comes too late to salvage the movie, and the ending is as predictable as one can imagine. I didn’t like any of the characters and there is very little suspense or much of anything worth noting in this movie. I didn’t hate it, yet I can’t recommend seeing this one. That’s 1980s cult cinema for you: sometimes you find a gem, sometimes you are reminded why a lot of these movies weren’t big hits or remembered.

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