Horrorfest 2018 Presents: Burial Ground aka The Nights of Terror (1985, Andrea Bianchi)

What did I learn from an Italian horror film with two titles? I prefer Burial Ground since that is shorter, and has a certain ring. I found out that certain zombies have the ability to use weapons, and that going to a mansion where a professor has awakened the evil is not a good idea. Of course the couples who showed up for a good weekend had no idea the dead had been raised. Way to spoil a fun weekend, old eaten alive professor guy.

Oh and the son of one of the women is in love with his mom, which leads to a gruesome and disgusting moment. It would not be an Italian horror movie if horrible things didn’t happen to people, yet this movie lacks the amount of violence seen in other zombie films. Also the zombies were lame by even B-movie standards, and the ending was creepy enough, I guess. When compared to better or more fun zombie movies of the time period Burial Ground is decent at best, disappointing at most.

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