Horrorfest 2021 Presents: The Whistler (2018, Jennifer Nicole Stang)

I will admit it has been a while since I viewed a short film, and the last one I saw was also a horror short. Although they usually work well, I feel many of them are just dress rehearsals for a longer feature. A means to tease us for more to hopefully come. I expect The Whistler could be made into a longer film, yet for now we have the rather unnerving short that I liked.

However I really would love if this was a longer movie in this case. I wanted to know more about the fairy tale story and the man behind it all. Also I think the material supported a more fleshed out flick, perhaps one that would be 80 something to maybe 104 minutes. The two sisters were likable characters, and the final shot lingers in my brain quite a bit. Perhaps some mysteries are…unsolved. Yeaaaah! Alright I’m done. Check this movie out.

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