Twilight of an Evening

Walking through my city’s downtown, I thought about the contrasting aspects. Among the late glow of an evening dusk, there are crumbling ancient ruins nestled between glistening modern structures. Bars occupy space next to office buildings, with restaurants and a massive church literally named truth sticking out next to the parking gaurages. A huge medical building cuts off second ave, and the humungous public library holds court as the area’s crown jewel.

I am in awe of this spectacle, and I realized I have neglected the towering art museum and the lovely theater district snuggled next to the city’s main music area. However, much of this has almost been swept away twice by disgruntled flood waters, which dealt massive damage to the entire area. Perhaps if not for the government and kind benefactors downtown would still mostly have the Mad Max apocalyptic wasteland appearance it took on after 2008.

Man does this area look pretty after dark, the lights shinning in the distance. I often take downtown for granted having been here so many times, dealing with a severe lack of parking and crazy drunks fighting outside a local dive. Yet even after having to circle the block to find a spot, or desert the area before the cops show up, I keep coming back. If mostly for the library and the bars, yet also for the people and a nice way to kill a couple hours. This is my home, for better or for worse.


2014 Viewing Log In Review: The Best First Films Viewed

A bit late due to not having a working laptop but still its happening anyways. The best films viewed from last year were (Top 20 out of 169 total films, out a score of 100, the 100s are in blue, 99-96 are in green, 95s are red):

1. The Life and Death of Colone Blimp (1943, Powell and Pressburger)
2. Rashomon (1950, Kurosawa)
3. Sherlock Jr. (1924, Keaton)
4. 8 1/2 (1963, Fellini)
5. Wall Street (1987, Stone)
6. The Crying Game (1992, Jordan)
7. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013, Scorsese)
8. Amadeus (1984, Forman)
9. Birdman (2014, Iñárritu)
10. Night On Earth (1991, Jarmusch)
11. Let The Fire Burn (2013, Osder)
12. Oldboy (2003, Park)
13. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014, Anderson)
14. Edge of Darkness (1985, Campbell)
15. Godzilla (2014, Edwards)
16. Strange Days (1995, Bigelow)
17. Insomnia (1997, Skjoldbjærg)
18. Laura (1944, Preminger)
19. The Innocents (1961, Clayton)
20. Bad Company (1972, Benton)

Top 5 Worst Films Viewed In 2014 (No zeros, all scores 10-1 out of 100-yeah they suck):

1. Monstrosity: The Atomic Brain (1964, Mascelli)
2. The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!? (1964, Steckler)
3. The Touch of Satan (1971, Henderson)
4. Soultaker (1990, Rissi)
5. Warrior of the Lost World (1983, Worth)

Let’s All Go To The Movies

Honestly I just wanted an excuse to post one of the funniest, most awesome things I’ve ever witnessed in a movie theater. I’m currently reflecting on why we still go to the movies, and I struggled to come up with 5 reasons. Meanwhile coming up with at least 12, maybe even more, reasons not to go to the movies was rather easy. This is a sad development, because I’ve had some great times going to the cinema, yet perhaps its just a reflection of changing times.

After all video rental stores are going out of business, Blu Ray has practically replaced DVD (sorry old timers VHS is dead-and long live Laser Disc heh) and you can purchase a pretty decent home theater system that won’t bankrupt your budget. Don’t tell me that the mystical and magical “Experience” is why we go to the movies as that’s a rather generic and corny answer.

No, I think we still go largely to avoid spoilers on the Internet. Well that and for the fun of going to a movie in a darkened room with friends or family. Driving to the theater has always felt like an epic journey to me, even though its not that long of a distance and I’ve been there a million times. Yet I can’t help but feel that if I live to be an old man, I’ll tell my two sister’s kids about what it was like to go to the movies before everyone had them plugged into their brains.

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