The Internet Really Wants Gillian Anderson to Be the First Female James Bond — Newsfeed – TIME

While the world has been debating the merits of possible Bond candidates Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston, another star has expressed a desire to be the next 007 — Gillian Anderson. The X-Files actress tweeted a mock-up poster of herself as the iconic British spy, emblazoned with the 007 logo and the date November 2017,…

via The Internet Really Wants Gillian Anderson to Be the First Female James Bond — Newsfeed – TIME

A female James Bond would be pretty sweet, even if it meant breaking completely from the character created by Ian Flemming. I’m fine with the idea, partly just to see how many fanboys freak out and whine. But also because Anderson is a great actress and would be awesome in the part. I doubt it happens, though. Hiddleston is more of a likely choice.

A Most Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy


No I’m not talking about Washington D.C., although that place certainly qualifies. I’m referring to the comments section of any and all Internet news and opinion articles. If you are wondering about Donald Trump followers, terrible people and those who lack the ability to spell or use proper grammar, well look no further then a place that is now part of the Internet. I can’t recall when this became a feature, although I imagine this is as old as message boards.

What’s even worse is the opinions people post. On any given day you can read racist, sexist, homophobic and degrading posts that make one feel the need to take a shower. It’s sad that discourse has rapidly degraded to a level that you have to wonder if these people’s mothers would be ashamed to find out their children do not have any filters. Maybe they were raised that way, a prospect that sounds depressing and unfortunately not too surprising.


Also the use of insults  (something even I’ve been guilty of) is commonplace on both sides of the political aisle. Many try to assert that it is Republicans largely to blame and yet many Democrats are also guilty of poor behavior. Is there a solution beyond simply avoiding the comments section?

Well encouraging people to behave and hoping for moderators to ban the misbehaving users is maybe the best we can hope for. Acting civily is a good idea, too. Or just skip the comments altogether. I’ll admit they are like a car crash: I can’t look away even though I should.

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