People Are Strange

At my grocery store job I deal with all kinds of people. Some nice others awful and those few that are bizarre. The odd customers stand out, especially in a service industry.

Particularly when they do or say things that are notable and even funny. I recently had a person complain about being ID-ed for beer when its our store policy. They said their data was being put in a secret database, which is silly. Mostly since the government is spying on you anyways and doesn’t need the help of a grocery store chain to do it. Where the hell do people come up with these ideas?

Or when I end up listening to some lonely person’s stories. Those people I do feel sorry for, as they must lack companionship in their lives. Still I take pitty and try to listen even if I don’t care overall. Late at night when its dark outside and closing time is near the alcoholics and the lonely come out of the woodwork like clockwork.  Its a habit, I guess.

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