2014 Horrorfest Presents: Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991, Rachel Talalay)

This title is a lie although at the time of the film’s release it was the truth. After two decades and six movies the successful Freddy Krueger series was coming to an end. It’s strange because you don’t expect something like this to end and still you know that this is the end. Of course that turned out to not be the case. Which is a good thing since Freddy’s Dead sucks.

Too bad this was the worst installment in the series as the concept was decent. Freddy has succeeded in killing off all of the children in Springfield save for one, which is supposed to free him to kill children everywhere. This leads him to a crumbling institute for troubled kids, and a long guarded secret that finally shows up only in this movie. A secret that I really didn’t end up caring about, and which was poorly disguised for most of the movie. Worked at by the sister of Billy Zane, Lisa Zane, which is a fun bit of trivia I guess.

The creepy childless town is not properly utilized and the characters in this film are largely boring. Save for the great Yaphet Kotto who is not used enough, although I did like some of the cameos and it also stars a really young Breckin Meyer. Also the flashbacks are unnecessary since previous films covered Freddy’s backstory. Luckily for us fans this was not the last entry in the series and in my opinion it’s the only poor film out of the entire bunch.

Don’t Fear The Reaper

Man I love that song and Blue Oyster Cult. Anyways this post is inspired by the sad fact that the great South African leader Nelson Mandela is sick and quite possibly on his deathbed at the age of 94. It’s funny how we take for granted that the people we love are going to be around forever-that our parents and grandparents, siblings, kids, pets-even though we know that’s not the case. Most people are afraid to discuss death and dying, and I can’t blame them although funny enough people said they would rather be in the casket at a funeral than giving the in memorial speech. Perhaps because I have lost too many people over the last decade I am a tad numb when it comes to the subject, as if I’ve already thought about how life is too short.

What annoys me is when parents try to hide the subject from their kids, as if their children are not going to have questions when their beloved Fluffy shifts off its mortal coil or a beloved grandparent or relative passes away. I wish my parents had been a little more honest about it, although they told me about Heaven and the afterlife which of course if it includes a heaven includes a hell, too. Honestly I’m rather curious about what lies in the great beyond, and if there is even a great beyond to begin with. Maybe when they stick your corpse in that wooden box; burn it in the incinerator; shoot it into space; do whatever….that’s the end. I guess since I think there is a place you go after you die I’m the optimistic type, and that’s fine. I would like it if we talked about death more than black metal bands do, however that’s just the fear preventing us from facing our own mortality. “Baby take my hand…”


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