There’s Nothing Quite Like College: Week 3

Its time once again for ESPN College Football Pick ‘Ems: Week 3 edition. My total stats for the season are 77 points, for a percentage of 84.7% and a rank of 40,764 with a total record of 10-6.

10) Oregon Ducks over Tennessee Volunteers

When are the Ducks going to play real competition? Clearly it seems unlikely to happen until Pac-12 conference play starts. I guess the school wanted multiple tune up games, because the Volunteers are not very good.

9) Wisconsin Badgers over Arizona State Sun Devils

Risky road pick here, yet I think the Badgers have the talent to survive a challenge by a ASU squad looking to prove themselves this weekend.

8) South Carolina Gamecocks over Vanderbilt Commodores

After last week’s game USC will be looking to get their season back on track. Vandy just isn’t good enough to stay in this game, although upsets are always possible.

7) Louisville Cardinals over Kentucky Wildcats

Teddy Bridgewater is a Heisman candidate. Kentucky football has a sad tradition of causing Kentucky students to chant “When does basketball start?” The pick is pretty obvious here.

6) Auburn Tigers over Mississippi State Bulldogs

I’m going with the fact that the Tigers have taken 10 out of the last 12 in the series from the Bulldogs. That’s good enough for me to go with them in addition to Auburn being the home team.

5) Penn State Nittany Lions over UCF Nights

This is in Happy Valley so I’m going with the home team, especially since PSU plays well in front of their large crowds. Also UCF’s record against power conference competition is awful. This should be a good, hard fought contest.

4) Alabama Crimson Tide over Texas A&M Aggies

Look give Nick Saban time to plan and what you end up with is that national title game where the Tide slaughtered Notre Dame. I fully expect the Crimson Tide to get revenge against Johnny Football this season, even if it is on the road-which is the only reason I ranked this lower than the others.

3) Ole Miss Rebels over Texas Longhorns

While I’m wary about the Rebels’ chances on the road Texas looked awful last week against BYU. If the Rebels run the ball as well as the Cougars did they should win and keep that Top 25 ranking.

2) Iowa Hawkeyes over Iowa State Cyclones

Yes I know the game is at Ames but the Hawks have the rushing attack to steamroll ISU just like UNI did. The question is whether or not Iowa’s shaky inexperienced QB can avoid making costly makes like he did against NIU. And if ISU’s young defense can make the necessary stop to get a win at home and avoid falling to 0-2. We’ll find out-too bad I’ll be at work during the game.

1) Nebraska Cornhuskers over UCLA Bruins

The Cornhuskers will avenge last season’s loss to the Bruins in what should be another high scoring game with plenty of offense and very little defense. This is a great Pac-12 versus Big Ten match up.

There’s Nothing Quite Like College: Week 2

Its time for a second week of ESPN College Pick ‘Ems. Last week I went 8-2 with 46 total points out of 55 for a total ranking of 22663, good for 90.1% of those playing. Considering I got burned a few times I think I did alright. On to this week’s picks, which I made days ago but only got around to posting about here hours before gameday. That’s College Gameday, of course:

10) Oregon Ducks over Virginia Cavaliers

I would gladly lose 10 points if the Ducks were upset this weekend. I just don’t see that happening, though. Hey Cavs fans at least your team beat BYU last week. Enjoy that while you still can.

9) Cincinnati Bearcats over Illinois Fighting Illini

Its weird that the Bearcats are playing two Big Ten opponents in the first two weeks, but they are lucky they are getting two of the worst teams in the conference. However Illinois might be slightly improved from last season, yet I still am going with the more talented squad.

8) Texas Longhorns over Brigham Young Cougars

Why BYU is featured again on this list I don’t know, but this is already a nasty pre-conference schedule. Its not going to get any easier against a Texas squad focused on living up to its ranking this season.

7) Northwestern Wildcats over Syracuse Orange

Poor Orange. They face another quality Big Ten opponent this weekend, and I don’t see things getting better for them anytime soon. The ADs for these schools come up with the weirdest schedules. And if its not them then whoever is drawing them up has this random approach, although granted the Big Ten would love to add Syracuse in the future for their basketball ability. Hmm…

6) Duke Blue Devils over Memphis Tigers

If only this was a college basketball matchup instead. Oh well. Still Blue Devils’ fans were probably surprised that their football team went bowling last year, and it seems that Duke’s football program is oddly on the rise. Most people, myself included, didn’t see that one coming.

5) Florida Gators over Miami Hurricanes

Sadly I’m old enough to remember when this was an actual rivalry, one that often had national title implications on the line. Although the two squads still play each other tough, and I think this could be a good game. One that the Gators should emerge from victorious.

4) Houston Cougars over Temple Owls

These are a pair of schools I have a soft spot for in terms of them being mid majors. The Cougars offense shouldn’t have much of a problem though, as its their typical brand of high powered, aerial football that I don’t think Temple can match.

3) Michigan Wolverines over Notre Dame Fighting Irish

The last game of the series (for now) in the Big House points to a hard fought, close Wolverines victory. In prime time on ESPN, of course. I can’t wait. So much tradition, and its a shame that the two won’t be playing each other after this year.

2) Air Force Falcons over Utah State Aggies

Um I’ll admit that I don’t know enough about either team to offer much in the way of commentary here. Just a puzzled “Why is this game feature on the pick ’em list” coupled with a “I have really have no idea who’s going to win here.” So I just went with the favorite. Lame I know….

1) Georgia Bulldogs over South Carolina Gamecocks

Game of the week? Eh I’ll go with Michigan-ND, ever so slightly. However I’m amazed that Georgia is playing back to back ranked opponents, although this is a home game so I think they can pull out a much needed win. Desperation usually helps.


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