Horrorfest 2021 Presents: Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (1981, William Asher)

This movie starts out with a scene that would be right at home in a Final Destination movie, then moves on to a young man, Billy (Jimmy McNichol) and his way too loving Aunt Cheryl (Susan Tyrrel). She finds out that Billy is planning to leave for college, and oh boy does that drive her insane. Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker is one of those odd horror melodramas that only could have existed in the 1980s.

Add a scumbag cop played by Bo Svenson and Julia Duffy as Julia, Billy’s girlfriend and you’ve got a pretty solid cast. It’s Susan Tyrrel that steals the movie and runs away it as the crazed aunt, who does everything possible to keep Billy from leaving. Even murder!

The final act is beyond outlandish and yet it works in the context of the movie. Also this movie is very notable for being one of the few 1980s slashers to have a gay character in Coach Tom, played well by Steve Eastin. Who is presented as being supportive to Billy, which is nice. While there are better 1980s slashers I still rather liked this one and it will definitely stick out in my mind for a while. Also known as Night Warning, which is a better title that makes more sense.

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