Horrorfest 2013 Presents: Stake Land (2010, Jim Mickle)

Everyone wonders if they would survive the collapse of civilization. Stake Land addresses the reactions of a group of people to their world falling apart and how devastation brings certain people together in a despite bid for survival. Mister is a loner taking care of Martin, a kid he rescued while killing vampires. However the undead is the least of their worries in a terror-stricken American wasteland.

I was surprised at how slow this film moves at times and its attempts to be sadly lyrical. Sister, Belle and Willie fill out the remainder of a band of people willing to do whatever it takes to stay human. Their goal is to reach New Eden, a place that is supposed to be vampire free. It’s a shared dream of a sane paradise in a world gone mad.

Some have bashed the film for having Christian radicals as villains. I don’t think it really matters because there are crazy people in every religion and it would be another religion if it was set in a different country. Although I am once again amused and saddened by the idea that it’s the truly awful who usually live. In a terrible place full of violence the good-hearted often don’t stand a chance.

I actually liked the ending which has been criticized by some. It’s a bit abrupt and I was a little surprised by what happened. This was a rather good film and I’m glad I finally got to see it. Even if it wasn’t really scary it was a well made vampire film with a good cast and a nice amount of style.

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