In The Streaming Waiting Line

One of the bad things about having both free and paid streaming sites at my disposal is that I have way too many queues full of movies and TV shows that I either choose to ignore or do not have time to watch. It is bad enough that I also have a queue on my folks Netflix for whenever I stop by, in addition to the Netflix I already am paying for. This on top of Shudder, Hulu, Tubi TV, and even Crackle (the last two are free, at least), so the list is pretty long. There are times when I admit I am not going to watch something and remove it from the queue, or I finally watch something only to add something new in its place. While in the beginning a queue was a good way to make sure you did not lose that cool looking new or old movie/TV show you really want to see, it is now a reminder that you are not watching said program.

In this case, it stems from me being a huge procrastinator (I actually finished Bird Box, after months of putting the second half off. Whoops). One solution is to simply purge my lists and just watch whatever I am interested in, although that means having to search for programming. That usually ends in me looking through stuff without ever hitting watch, another problem for another time. A better idea is to suck it up and go through everything on my queue, although a tricky idea is to simply wait for most of it to go away due to expiring rights issues. Maybe if someone came up with a way to go without sleep….yes…

Dreams. They Weird Me Out

Have you every had a dream that seemed all too real? Well I got one of those last night, and I can’t decided if it means anything or its just random memories firing away in my head, totally randomized. The worst are the ones that feel real, as if I’m Dennis Quaid in Dreamscape (1984) and I’m wandering around in someone’s dream. Only this time the dream is mine, and when I wake up I feel disconnected from reality for a minute and totally discombobulated. What’s even worse is that I usually forget my dreams after waking up, as they fade away from memory by the time I step out of the shower. I’ve decided I’m going to wander around asking people their opinion of dreams: if they mean anything, are they simply movies composed of life experiences viewed in our heads while at rest, or are dreams something else? I’m not really sure, and I know science has some answers but I’m not completely satisfied with their responses. Makes me want to never dream again, even though I need sleep and you have REM cycles. I remember the old t-shirt that famously said: “Can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me.”

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