Horrorfest 2019 Presents: Mayhem (2017, Joe Lynch)

Mayhem is gory, over the top, hilarious and often pretty brutal. It is a horror movie, a comedy, an action movie and a nice satire of the evils of the workplace all wrapped into one insanely fun package. Joe Lynch has made a film that even if it covers familiar ground, that film does so in a unique and wonderful style. Give me more horror movies like this one, please. Steven Yeun and Samara Weaving have pretty solid chemistry together, teaming up to deal with being screwed by Yeun’s scummy corporate bosses. Does this movie have tons of excessive violence involving power tools? Yes. Are there plenty of fighting scenes and a huge co-worker brawl? Absolutely. Too bad I never got the chance to watch this in theaters.

Oh and after seeing this, The Babysitter and Ready or Not Weaving is unofficially the main actress of my 2019 Horrorfest. Clearly her family well prepared her to be a good actress, and I look forward to seeing her in more films. And Yeun clearly has a bright future beyond The Walking Dead, although I did like him a lot in that show. I think my favorite part of this movie was the office brawl, simply for the amount of violence but also because everyone has that co-worker or even co-workers they wouldn’t mind punching at least once or twice. Having recently seen myself lose hours because of corporate indifference to those below them in the company structure I like this movie even more. Plus the whole virus angle is a bit more interesting these days, that’s for sure.

Horrorfest 2019 Presents: Ready Or Not (2019, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett)

Perhaps the 2019 horror satire thriller Ready Or Not is too clever for it’s own good. Maybe the snappy jokes and the brutal kills overshadow the fact that the movie doesn’t quite flesh out it’s main premise enough. Perhaps Ready Or Not would have benefitted from a longer run time. Yet the entire movie is so much fun, and has a nice creepy aspect that underlines the proceedings. Also Samara Weaving headlines a fantastic cast that also includes Andie McDowell and Adam Brody. I ended up liking this movie a lot even if certain parts fail.

Oh and the commentary on the rich is only too relevant today considering how they run the country. Oh it’s not just the first family, as the funny Why Your Team Sucks articles keep informing me. No it is also billionaires owning football teams, the super rich funding right wing causes to avoid taxes while the climate burns. Ready Or Not at least dives into that aspect to a certain extent, particularly since Grace, the main character, is not rich.

Also the film reminds me of how those in charge benefit from servants all too willing to aid them. The butler in particular is all too willing to hunt down Grace, and another member of the staff even yells out her location. Never trust someone willing to give you up so they can keep cleaning the floors and serving tea. Without revealing more I think Ready or Not was very realiable and a good eerie horror flick.

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