It’s a Simple Game…right?

A friend who plays with me in two leagues we are in, one free one money, asked me who I was thinking about drafting this year. Nevermind if there will be a season or if the season will even last that long, I realized that his answer depended on way too many variables. Is the league a keeper league? Dynasty league? Two QB’s or one? Is there three WR’s? Does it have a super flex? Kicker or no kicker? Are there defensive players you can draft or not?

Fantasy football used to be a lot more simple and not this complicated. Leagues are easy to start but if you are the commissioner you have to navigate a lot of issues with scoring and how many team slots plus bench spots there should be. This is why I don’t want that job, especially since I’m not getting paid to do it. Covid definitely will cause lots of problems and there are already players sitting out the season. Makes me almost not want to play this year.

However I am in one league, and maybe that is good enough. If the other three I played in last year decide to exist I’ll participate just like I always do. However fantasy football could use a nice dose of simplicity more often. At least there is a consensus on who should be taken number one….right? Maybe? Oh boy.

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