Horrorfest 2021 Presents: Don’t Panic (1989, Rubén Galindo Jr.)

Don’t Panic is a quasi Mexican remake/different take on A Nightmare On Elm Street, to a certain degree. This movie works even though a decent chunk of the film made me think I was viewing a teen romantic comedy instead of a slasher movie. Well the violence gets dialed up to eleven later on and there is a pretty good and thrilling hospital scene as well. Poor Michael has a rare gift where he can communicate with the spirit world, and it’s this gift that causes a lot of trouble.

This movie has plenty of gore, really weird and eerie moments, a nice love story between Michael and Alex, and even a solid finale. I was surprised at how much action occurs in this flick, and the kills are rather bloody and shocking at times. Sure this doesn’t quite match the famous movie series that inspired it, yet Don’t Panic has enough good moments to keep it watchable and entertaining. Hey even the ending has that bizarre dream feel!

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