Where’s The Wi-Fi?

Unfortunately for us all the modern world has dictated that we all need to be connected to the Internet at one point or another. Many, if not most, jobs have online applications instead of paper ones these days, or at least encourage people to apply via a computer instead of filling out paper apps with poor hand writing. Social media, fantasy sports, the need to know more and be kept up to date about current events, all require Internet. So having wi-fi is important, since it enables us to not have to use expensive mobile data to post something we find pithy on Twitter, or upload pictures to Instagram. Young people are more likely to abuse mobile data due to Snapchat and listening to music on YouTube, so wi-fi is critical to have. Yet it seems that many places do not have wi-fi, or they require you to obtain a password just to log into their often crappy guest wi-fi. The struggle is real, that is if you are focused on first world problems. I’m sure there are people without drinking water or food, and yet here I am complaining about not having Internet. Our priorities are out of wack.

Still being able to sit on my phone when faced with boring people at a bar where I cannot get drunk at because I’m the designated driver is useful. I’m sorry but I’m often anti-social due to either annoying people or people who have less interesting things to say than I do on a regular basis. Also I have no shame in asking for the wi-fi password wherever I go, and then give it to those who think that they are bad people for requesting something that they need. The people who have unlimited data are lucky people, but for the rest of us we need that wi-fi, and we need it yesterday or an hour ago. Oh and we do sometimes use the Internet for good things, such as finding out the name of a song or checking our banking to make sure we can afford the pricey beverages and food at that overrated bar and grill friends dragged us to because they make more than we do. Things could be worse, I suppose…

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