Shows Finished: 

  1. 24, 10 seasons
  2. Lost, 6 seasons
  3. Life On Mars, 2 seasons
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 7 seasons
  5. Veronica Mars, 3 seasons + movie-need to see S4
  6. The X-Files, 11 seasons + 2 movies-Need to see new seasons plus one movie
  7. Psych, 8 seasons+3 movies-Have to see latest movie
  8. Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, 4 seasons
  9. Trigun, 1 season + movie
  10. Firefly, 1 season + movie
  11. Cowboy Beebop, 1 season + movie
  12. Spaced, 2 seasons
  13. Terriers, 1 season
  14. Gravity Falls, 2 seasons
  15. Twin Peaks, 2 seasons + movie-New season to view
  16. Sherlock, 4 series + movie
  17. Venture Brothers, 7 seasons-Waiting to view final movie
  18. The Sopranos, 6 seasons-Have to finish S6 Part 2
  19. SeaLab 2021, 4 seasons
  20. Lucy Daughter of the Devil, 1 season
  21. Frisky Dingo, 2 seasons

How Do You Lose An Airplane?

I’ve continued to follow the mysterious disappearance of one Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in awe of what has happened: an entire airplane has vanished completely. That’s rather surprising in this day and age of technology, where governments can spy on people and radar is commonplace. All jokes aside (hey maybe they’re on the island from Lost, and someone just turned the big strange wheel!) there are many legitimate theories that speculate about what could have occurred. The latest one being foul play, that the flight was hijacked. Could it also be that for whatever reason(s) that the plan managed to widely go off course? No one is quite sure. Still in the age of knowing a mystery like this has captivated all of our attention to the point where cable news gives annual and frequent updates even though very little new information has come to light.

So what really did happen? I don’t think we can say until they either find the plane (with hopefully everyone on board alive), or the black box nestled deep within the wreckage. Regardless its been almost two weeks since the plane disappeared. What can’t be ignored however is that as I noted in another article airplane travel is still the safest way to go these days. At least I still think so.

Social Media Is a Funny Thing

Or basically how I stopped hating and learned to love the hashtag. Still I’m wondering how some of my all time favorite shows would have fared in the era of Twitter. 24 would have made for some fun statuses, but I’m glad that while waiting to watch an episode at times all I had to do was avoid RT when it came to spoilers. Which is funny considering that Fox is considering bringing the show back. I would have had to skip all social media on the night Lost aired, because it was bad enough that some people on RT would spoiler the show so easily-Twitter would have made things worse. However there are some upsides to Twitter that I find handy.

Namely that you can live tweet your thoughts to the cast of the show you are watching as it airs. I actually got Yvette Nicole Brown to respond to and favor one of my tweets this year as I viewed an episode of Community Season 4, which was really cool. That’s always fun to get a famous person to like what you are saying about the show they’re putting their full efforts into. Not to mention the amount of Twitter accounts for TV shows is numerous. Doctor Who has several and I decided to follow only two of them just so I could keep track.

Since Twitter isn’t going anywhere (or Facebook for that matter) I suppose utilizing them to promote TV shows and share your fandom is the only way to go. That said, please go easy on the spoilers. In this day and age its easier to use DVR and the Internet to keep up with TV than viewing it live.

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