Tubi Time!

When I finally bought a Roku streaming device in 2018 one of the services on there was Tubi, which used to be a nice little very free secret which is still thankfully free. It reminds me of old video stores or the public library with the mix of old and newer movies, random junk, nice cult gems and everything in between. I’ve been using it even more since last year due to it’s halfway decent collection of horror and western movies, plus kung fu movies.

Sure there are ads, and Tubi doesn’t have any original programing that I know of, yet it’s still rather handy. Right now as I type this I’m watching Airport ’77, which is definitely not on Netflix or Hulu. Sure it’s cheesy as hell but it’s nice to view a slice of 1970s blockbuster cinema. Plus you get used to the ads, anyways. I really am trying to burn through my list on Tubi, yet they keep adding stuff I want to see. So it’s really just like the other streaming services I’m currently using. Quarantine time is cinema time.

Horror Movie Bucket List

Yeah sure I should have an actual life one, but that’s boring. Horror movies are more fun.

1. Seen all three big slasher film franchises (Halloween, ANOES, F13th) on the big screen at least once-done!

2. Viewed a horror movie at a midnight show-done for ANOES remake

3. Watched a horror movie in a theater alone-It Follows (2015)

4. Gone to see a classic being re-released on the big screen-Halloween (1978), seen in 2014 or 2015.

5. Own more than 10 horror movies-Way past that haha.

I’ll think of more later…

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