Horrorfest 2019 Presents: Viy (1967, Konstantin Yershov Georgi Kropachyov)

Even though the main character, Khoma, is a coward and also kills someone what he goes through is something else. Having to spend three nights with a dead witch’s body is never a good thing, particularly in the Russian cult classic horror film Viy, which I saw thanks to Shudder. I liked how this film was shot-the different colors adds to it’s magical realism. Also the movie gives a bit of insight into old time Russia, depicting it as a place where superstition could kill you just as easily as anything else.

Oh and the special effects are really cool, especially in the last act. While I was a tad bored at times Viy is still a solid entry. Sometimes it is nice to appreciate a unique take on certain material, and this film was Russia’s early gift to horror cinema.

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