Horrorfest 2013 Presents: Bloody Birthday (1981, Ed Hunt)

Made when the slasher genre was still at its peak Bloody Birthday is a weird and twisted film. A trio of children born on the same day proceed to go on an epic murder spree, realizing that since they are children no one will think they are capable of killing people. One of them even helps the other two murder her own father in a scene that is both disturbing and comical at the same time. The film is clearly low budget and is just another one of the many slasher films that existed in the 1980s, and yet I was entertained and couldn’t believe what I was watching. I’m not sure if this film was supposed to be serious or a semi-parody take on the genre. Either way its not as bad as I thought it was going to be, although the last act dives into what are now typical slasher and horror film cliches.

Oh and the one older girl that suspects the trio is branded crazy midway through the film, so her and her brother are in endless danger after a birthday party that teases the possibility of the child trio poisoning kids. Not to mention a handful of crazy and outrageous kills that I won’t reveal here. Bloody Birthday walks a fine line between humor and being truly awful, and although its limited by both its strict adherence to the slasher sub-genre and a lack of money its still a decent film. It would have been great if this movie had resulted in a series, but we are left with only the first one to enjoy.

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