Well That Sucked…Super Bowl Edition

New segment which may be balanced out by a good news one that could materialize one day when things improve. Someday. One day. Maybe in 2027?

Anyways I’m a die hard Kansas City Chiefs fan. They could change the name and I wouldn’t care. My folks got me a nice new black Chiefs hoodie for Xmas and I settled down into the couch, beer in hand, to watch them play Tampa Bay. My gut told me this wouldn’t end well. Guess what? It was right. A 31-9 ass kicking where Gronk caught two TDs, the Chiefs offense never materialized and Mahomes was running for his life.

In the past, I wouldn’t have taken it very well. The year the Chiefs lost to the Colts in the playoffs I was so mad I almost walked out on my job. I was pissed all day. Then came the Steelers beating KC on field goals in the playoffs and I had what most call an epiphany. This shit doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Also I became dead inside to the Chiefs’ playoff failures.

Yep when they lost to a Titans team actively trying to blow it so they could fire their head coach, I just laughed. Derrick Henry really should thank KC for him being a starter btw. I even thought it was going to happen, yet I picked the Chiefs to win anyways cause I wasn’t sports betting. Thank God I never sports bet although I would have made money betting against KC a lot of the time.

I actually wish I had bet my coworker that the Bucs would win. I could have made some money off of him this weekend. Look sure KC won the Super Bowl last year, yet I know better now. That was an aberration that most likely won’t happen again. It’s nice they made it back to back, yet expecting a third trip in a row goes against history and a legacy of flopping when it counts. I know better.

People thinking the Chiefs will be a dynasty are the same folks who thought that about the Seahawks, the Packers, the Steelers, the Eagles, and so on. The Pats were a dynasty but they got cheap and cute so Brady and Gronk packed up their shit and left. I don’t blame them. That’s how a dynasty ends.

I fully expect Tom Brady to be winning Super Bowls until he’s 50. I wonder if he can win one with an expansion team. You never know. This has been “Well That Sucked.” Have a nice day.

It’s Draft Time

For one weekend the NFL grabs the sports fans’ attention with a draft that since the 1980s is the biggest and most famous draft of them all. I don’t always watch yet I do pay attention to my team is drafting especially in the first and second rounds. A team can potentially make or break their season based on what needs they address and if they also satisfy certain wants as well. Also you have fans present which can lead to boos and cheers for players. From what I read on Twitter tonight many of those boos were aimed at Roger Goodell. Well deserved I might add.

So I wonder how the Chiefs and the Packers will do this weekend. I know both teams took a defensive player in the first round and unless they become a liability shoring up the defense is a smart although not really flashy move. I would rather see my teams make good draft moves and also look to the future while setting up playoff pushes for next season. As Browns fans can attest to the draft is a tricky and cruel mistress at times. It sure makes for quality entertainment however.

We Like Sports

If you’ve read some of this blog, you’ve seen that I comment on sports here and there. Largely because I enjoy sports and love so many of them. So here is insight into some of my favorite teams and why I love them so much:

Chicago Cubs

I’ve been a die hard Cubs fan my entire life due to my dad’s side of the family, who brainwashed me into rooting for the Chicago Cubs. Yes I have visited Wrigley Field, going there in 1998 with my dad and watching as the Cubs beat the stinking White Sox on a hot glorious summer afternoon. Do they suck? Yeah, for the most part. Do they break my heart? Absolutely. But I love them anyways because that’s what a real fan does, even as most people question why I continue to stay with a team that disappoints its fan base ever year. Go Cubs Go! And hey they have won a championship, even if it was last in 1908, and when they finally do it again I’ll be getting drunk as hell and cheering loudly.

Favorite Player Currently:

I’m going with current players on the teams I like, so for me right now its Starlin Castro. The guy may be frustrating at times but overall he has immense talent and is the future of the organization. Quality young short stops do not grow on trees.


Arizona Wildcats Basketball

Back in 1996 before they won a national championship I started rooting for Arizona Wildcats basketball, and their epic OT title win over Kentucky clinched my love for the school. Lute Olson was the man, and he coached them for decades, turning the school into a basketball powerhouse. Sean Miller has them back in the thick of the national conversation once more, and I’m excited about another thrilling season of Arizona Wildcats basketball. Bear Down!

Favorite Player:

Right now its tough to say as the team is not yet done with recruiting, and so the roster isn’t set yet. For now though I’ll go with Nick Johnson, who averaged 11.5 PPG, 3.6 RPG and 3.2 APG last season and will be expected to be one of the leaders on a team that relied on seniors last year. I hear the class for 2014 has a lot of promise-I can’t wait.


Kansas City Chiefs

1996. Derrick Thomas tearing shit up on the field, terrorizing offenses everywhere. I fell in love with the Chiefs as a kid because they were a Midwest team, and then I stuck on after wards even though they’ve only been to 2 SBs and won 1. They still have a rich tradition and heritage, and they were one of the teams that was responsible for the NFL we have today. When they finally win that second Super Bowl all of the Chiefs fans I know will be getting loud in excitement. I’ll never stop believing, and I can’t wait to visit Arrowhead Stadium one day. I might cry upon entering. And of course I do want to see a game, preferably one where the Chiefs crush the stinking Raiders.

Favorite Player:

Right now its Jamaal Charles, one of the best running backs the franchise has ever had to carry the pigskin. He’s an absolute beast, and now with a good quarterback under center is primed for another great season. And yes I do have his jersey along with Derrick Thomas’ and I wear both with pride during football season.


Green Bay Packers

Hey I’ve been to Lambeau Field. I went there in 2010 wearing my Packers gear, although it was during training camp and therefore I was only able to tour the stadium. Yes I know that I love two football teams, but I don’t care because I’ve stuck with both of them for decades. Brett Favre converted me in 1997, his amazing gunslinger ways memorizing me throughout. But its Donald Driver who is my all time favorite Packers player, a class act who gave us Green Bay fans endless great moments on the field. I’m fully expecting the Packers to reload and compete for another Super Bowl this season, but even if they don’t I’ll still be rooting for them no matter what. BTW I am on the waiting list for season tickets heh even though I’ll never get them in my lifetime, and I do want to go see a game there, of course.

Favorite Player:

Right now its Randall Cobb, who is a beast and was a great second round steal by the Packers in the draft a couple seasons back. He can return punts, catch touchdowns, and could even play running back if he had to. He is also tied for the longest kickoff return for a touchdown. Beast.

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