Horrorfest 2021 Presents: Vampyres (1975, José Ramón Larraz)

When I’m viewing a movie, it’s never a good thing if I start thinking about better movies I’ve seen before. Well that applies to Vampyres, a movie where not much of anything interesting happens until midway through. I wish I was kidding, alas I am not. So disappointing, especially since vampire lesbians has resulted in some good horror films. I’m reminded of when Roger Ebert said that if something of remarkable interest did not happen in a film in the first 20 minutes, it wasn’t worth seeing. He definitely had a point with this movie.

Also the vampires keep stabbing people with knives when they’re vampires. Even in low budget horror movies the vampires regularly bite people so this one choosing to not have much if any vampire moments is a head scratcher to me. I liked the scenery and the actors were fine, I was just left completely unimpressed by anything happening on screen except for some decent gory and bloody moments. Skip this, view any other 1970s vampire movie instead.

Horrorfest 2020 Presents: Edge of the Axe (1988, José Ramón Larraz)

Edge of the Axe works best when it is brutal and unflinching, showing bloody and horrific murders onscreen. I did not care much for the final act, even though the closing shot is neat. However I rather liked this movie even if I feel certain aspects didn’t work for me. Also that opener is both shocking and well done, making one paranoid about being in a car wash. I guess even in one’s vehicle you are not safe. The killer’s mask is a fine inhuman, freaky touch indeed.

The Arrow Video transfer looks great of course, and I am reminded of why I upgraded to Blu-ray about four years ago. I like that the Spanish decided to create in the 1980s their own slasher movie, and they did the genre justice. My favorite part is when a woman makes the mistake of reaching for shotgun shells and pays dearly. Check this out even though it may be a tad dated. Also hey I can’t think of any other slasher films that depend on computers this much. That’s a fairly original touch.

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