Horrorfest 2014 Presents: Event Horizon (1997, Paul W. S. Anderson)

Back in 2014 I watched Event Horizon on Halloween after getting off of work. I drank most of a 12 pack of PBR so I’ll admit I wasn’t fully sober during my viewing, yet I still recall how disturbing this movie truly is throughout. I mean even when it’s not being pure nightmere fuel most parts are so creepy and just dig under your brain and stay there. Outer space horror has been done well before, however I think Event Horizon is one of the modern ones to properly execute how space can be utterly terrifying.

The cast surely helps as Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill headline the unlucky group that ventures into the Event Horizon, a spaceship that went to places not even the Star Trek crew would dare explore. Kathleen Quinlan, Joely Richardson, Jason Isaacs and Sean Pertwee form up most of the also pretty talented secondary cast. Unfortunately there was a longer cut of this film that no longer exists which is too bad seeing as this cut would have been even more gruesome and would have given the film an even bleaker impact.

Despite some of the special effects being dated and the last scene having a silly jump scare Event Horizon remains one of the freakiest outer space horror movies. Say whatever about Paul W.S. Anderson, the man had a knack for making some pretty crazy and messed up horror films back in the 1990s and the 2000s. Oh and I’ll never forget eyeless Sam Neil or how bleak this movie ended up being in multiple parts. Many cite Alien as being a reason to never go into space yet I think Event Horizon is my answer to why one should remain on Earth.

Horrorfest 2017 Presents: A Cure For Wellness (2016, Gore Verbinski )

Maybe I would have liked this movie better if a different lead actor had been chosen, seeing as this is the second movie where I have found Dane DeHaan to be incredibly dull (the other film being the insanely mediocre Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets from 2017). Or if the film had not featured Jason Isaacs sporting a really awful German accent-at least I think it was German. I don’t really care.

However this movie has some gorgeous visuals, rather nice creepy moments, and Mia Goth was really good as Hannah, the mysterious girl that DeHaan’s Lockhart keeps running into. Sadly one of the major twists was revealed in one of the film’s trailers, so thanks Hollywood, and I kind of guessed one of the other twists, so perhaps giving this film points for its mysterious elements is a bad exercise.

Despite being frustrated with some of its aspects, I do not find A Cure For Wellness to be a poor film, just one that could have been more properly executed. Unfortunately my Horrorfests always have that one movie, or multiple movies, that are a mixed bag. I could not resist a trick or treat pun in here somewhere.

I will say the castle spa treatment facility was really awesome, and I think that Verbinski was going for a Mario Bava, surrealistic type of film that maybe would have worked better decades ago. Verbinski has talent, yet he is often prone to abusing the willingness of Hollywood executives to give him free reign, not to mention sizable budgets. Sometimes, in the case of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, it works. Other times, such as A Cure For Wellness, not so much. Oh well. I do hope that Goth receives more acting opportunities, and perhaps some day I will enjoy a DeHaan performance, although I sincerely doubt that will happen anytime soon.

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