A Library Is a Terrible Thing To Waste

I love libraries, particularly the one in my town. Yet despite hanging out in the downtown one for hours, I feel as if I do use any of the four (that I know of) ones in my town. I often stop in just to grab CD’s and the occasional movie or book, however that is typically all I use the library for, even though it has multiple other events and uses.

So during my last vacation, I actually did more at my library besides the already mentioned things, plus sometimes using their computers to upgrade my blog. I went to the top floor and checked out their exhibit on William Baylis, who took photos of Iowa and Cedar Rapids in the 1890s and early 1900s. Considering he had one of those old time cameras, his work is rather beautiful.

I also dig his color prints, which were smaller but still gorgeous.

Also the library has countless other events and offerings that I never seem to have time for, yet I will try and enjoy them as well. Point this out next time someone asks why in the digital age libraries deserve our support. They are a valuable resource for the community.


winter is coming

There is nothing quite like waking up to -20ยบ weather. I am well aware that people to the north are used to worse temperatures, yet I am an Iowan and therefore I complain about the extreme seasons of winter and summer every year. I realized last year that spring is highly overrated; only May offers a nice month devoid of windy cold days and too much rain. If we are lucky March provides a nice warm surprise that happens not enough or hardly at all.

Well at least there is the pleasantries of fall and summer is bearable at times. Perhaps if I migrate to a hotter climate I will complain and whine about the humidity and the heat. Even if currently I am longing for warmth amongst this bitter January frost.

Casino: Coming Soon To A Town Near You (Maybe, Maybe Not)

Next week my local hometown of Cedar Rapids, IA will vote (on March 5th, to be exact) on whether or not to approve a casino downtown across the river. The previous attempt was shot down, but this time around it may actually pass. Now look I grudgingly oppose a casino, as I feel that it won’t create as many jobs as they say it will and I’m not sure if its a good idea. At the same time I’m almost inclined to vote yes, and not because anyone is pressuring me to vote yes or no (I refuse to let outside voices influence my decision making, and that’s always been the way I’ve thought on any issue). You have to listen to both sides on anything, educate yourself, and make an informed decision.

So before I actually vote, I’ve decided to spend the next week weighing both sides opinions one more time. Considering a building of a casino will greatly impact Cedar Rapids’ future and affect me one way or another in some kind of way, thinking how I will vote over is the wisest decision. Right now I don’t see a right or wrong side here, just two cases of opinion that are both vocally loud and defiantly backed by groups that as the vote grows closer have decided to fund very nasty campaign ads on TV. Just when you think the election cycle is over, a local issue comes to a vote (and I’m glad that we the people of Cedar Rapids are allowed to vote on it) and those who actually care about something that directly impacts them should, and will hopefully, show up to the polls and make their voice heard.

I just figured I should comment on the issue in the next week, as I haven’t bothered to do so and I think sometimes mentioning some things about my hometown in my blog might be a good idea. I wanted Down The Rabbit Hole 2.0 to be more about general issues, rather than just covering music and movies.

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