Horrorfest 2019 Presents: The Wax Mask (1997, Sergio Stivaletti)

The Wax Mask is a gory, violent update of two older movies: The Mystery of the Wax Museum and House of Wax. I have seen and liked the Vincent Price one, and I prefer it over The Wax Mask, largely because Vincent Price is better than anyone in Sergio Stivaletti’s movie. Which is too bad considering that Dario Argento was involved in producing the movie, and Lucio Fulci was supposed to direct. I wonder if that would have resulted in a better movie had Fulci not died. Oh well.

At least the special effects in this movie are neat, and the cast isn’t half bad. None of the actors stood out however. I did think some parts were really creepy, however the movie fails to sustain them. Plus the trailer gives away too much of the film, which seems to be the problem with most trailers. I think my rating for this movie is too high-it was a 7/10, but it should have been a 6 or something.

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