Twilight of an Evening

Walking through my city’s downtown, I thought about the contrasting aspects. Among the late glow of an evening dusk, there are crumbling ancient ruins nestled between glistening modern structures. Bars occupy space next to office buildings, with restaurants and a massive church literally named truth sticking out next to the parking gaurages. A huge medical building cuts off second ave, and the humungous public library holds court as the area’s crown jewel.

I am in awe of this spectacle, and I realized I have neglected the towering art museum and the lovely theater district snuggled next to the city’s main music area. However, much of this has almost been swept away twice by disgruntled flood waters, which dealt massive damage to the entire area. Perhaps if not for the government and kind benefactors downtown would still mostly have the Mad Max apocalyptic wasteland appearance it took on after 2008.

Man does this area look pretty after dark, the lights shinning in the distance. I often take downtown for granted having been here so many times, dealing with a severe lack of parking and crazy drunks fighting outside a local dive. Yet even after having to circle the block to find a spot, or desert the area before the cops show up, I keep coming back. If mostly for the library and the bars, yet also for the people and a nice way to kill a couple hours. This is my home, for better or for worse.


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