Horrorfest 2020 Presents: Intruder (1989, Scott Spiegel)

Perhaps I have worked in retail far too long so I liked Intruder more than most probably do. Also it helps that this is a fairly well made slasher film that tries to rise above the fairly low standards of the genre. Although I wonder if that was due to it being made at the end of the decade, when the slasher genre had begun to fade in popularity. Regardless this film has a likable bunch of characters and is well paced.

Oh and the kills are pretty wicked, although that is helped by the grocery store setting. The list of possible suspects is limited so I kind of guessed who the killer was, which is ok and did not ruin my enjoyment of the film. Intruder has a couple good comedy moments that I can’t elaborate on further due to them being spoilers, yet I will say that if you work in retail you can appreciate them like I did. Hurray for that random Bruce Campbell cameo, I guess.

People Are Strange

At my grocery store job I deal with all kinds of people. Some nice others awful and those few that are bizarre. The odd customers stand out, especially in a service industry.

Particularly when they do or say things that are notable and even funny. I recently had a person complain about being ID-ed for beer when its our store policy. They said their data was being put in a secret database, which is silly. Mostly since the government is spying on you anyways and doesn’t need the help of a grocery store chain to do it. Where the hell do people come up with these ideas?

Or when I end up listening to some lonely person’s stories. Those people I do feel sorry for, as they must lack companionship in their lives. Still I take pitty and try to listen even if I don’t care overall. Late at night when its dark outside and closing time is near the alcoholics and the lonely come out of the woodwork like clockwork.  Its a habit, I guess.

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