We are only about a month away from the glorious Iowa caucuses. So I’m here to encourage you to vote for Bernie Sanders, the lone candidate in this race who is progressive. He favors helping the middle class, collage affordability, universal health care, ending the drug war and making the top percent pay their fare share. He opposes costly foreign wars, believes in global warming and supports marriage equality.

If these things appeal to you then support him as much as possible. I plan to caucus for Senator Sanders. Look Hillary Clinton is not the worst candidate in the world and Martin O’ Malley would be a good choice in another election year. Still Clinton has tons of baggage and will be easily attacked by Republicans in the general election if nominated. And O’ Malley is polling so low I’m surprised he’s still running for president.

What made me also like Bernie is that he opposed the Iraq War when everyone, Hillary included, voted in favor of invading. Plus his accepting only small non-super Pac money, not being beholden to Wall Street, having a long standing record of supporting civil rights…the list goes on and on. Last time President Obama easily received my support in 2008. Bernie Sanders has my vote, easily. If you are progressive or wanting to support someone awesome, vote for Bernie Sanders.

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