Horrorfest 2016 Presents: Goosebumps (2015, Rob Letterman)

Look this film needed more monster blood. Come on people how do you make a Goosebumps movie and not have monster blood? Oh well at least this film was entertaining and had Slappy. Also R.L. Stine has a cameo so brief that you will miss it if you aren’t paying attention. I also loved Jack Black playing Stine because he is hilarious and it works perfectly. The film is a bit hit and miss at times but that’s okay.

Also the main trio of kids made smile. Zach, Hannah and Champ come off as normal kids who become wrapped up in extraordinary situations. Stine reveals that he not an average person after a funny egging on by Zach and Champ where they compared him to Stephen King. Plus Slappy appears and unleashes all of the characters from Stine’s books, leading to chaos in the town and monster attacks.

Despite some elements not working this was still a mostly funny and enjoyable flick. Black is great in multiple roles and the kid actors are likable and not annoying. Plus the last act owes a bit to Army of Darkness, which is fine. Too bad I didn’t bother to go see this in theaters as I love the book series and I’m hoping for a sequel.

Horrorfest 2015 Presents: What We Do In The Shadows (2015, Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement)

Just when you think the found footage/fake documentary style horror film has run its course there comes along another film that proves the doubters wrong. What We Do In The Shadows is one such film, and it is a hilarious entry in the sub genre that has recently been overwhelmed by Parnamormal Activity and it’s endless sequels. Lately Twilight has caused a good response in terms of some great vampire moves, so that’s good, I guess.

Living in an old house, hidden from society are a bunch of old vampires. What I love about this movie is that the jokes are well executed and range from slapstick to witty, often all in the same moment. The cast is top notch and each member adds to the funny proceedings. One of my favorite jokes is the bat fight scene, which is as amusing as it sounds. Although the last act wears a bit thin you have to laugh at Vlad going on and on about “The Beast.” Not to mention smile at the idea of werewolves and vampires talking smack to one another. Based on this and Housebound New Zealand horror has a very bright future indeed.

Cha-Cha-Charger Problems

Over the years like many people I’ve gone through many cell phones, and also plenty of chargers. At this point while having a smartphone is a great thing such devices have so many aps that if you actually use said phone the battery life goes fast. It doesn’t help that many people have different types of phones as well, so if you encounter a person with an iPhone when you have a Android, well you are out of luck. I’ve also encountered so many chargers that have gone bad either due to the wires being frayed or the connector stop working, which is frustrating. I don’t have an alarm clock so my phone is my alarm and if you do work (even if its just part time) being able to wake up and make it to work on time is pretty important.

In an ideal world all chargers would just work for every phone but then no one would ever buy chargers half the time and those who like to mooch off of others would never give those poor folks back their chargers. Trust me I’ve dealt with people refusing to buy a charger and borrowing mine in the process, although currently that’s what I’m doing (the person I borrowed it from has a spare though so I’m only half mooching) so I can’t really argue. Someday phones will be self-charging, maybe, but I doubt it since cell phone companies make money off of you having to purchase extras for your phone all the time. Mostly just chargers, unfortunately. I too dream of a wireless world that could only happen someday.

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