Shows Finished: 

  1. 24, 10 seasons
  2. Lost, 6 seasons
  3. Life On Mars, 2 seasons
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 7 seasons
  5. Veronica Mars, 3 seasons + movie-need to see S4
  6. The X-Files, 11 seasons + 2 movies-Need to see new seasons plus one movie
  7. Psych, 8 seasons+3 movies-Have to see latest movie
  8. Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, 4 seasons
  9. Trigun, 1 season + movie
  10. Firefly, 1 season + movie
  11. Cowboy Beebop, 1 season + movie
  12. Spaced, 2 seasons
  13. Terriers, 1 season
  14. Gravity Falls, 2 seasons
  15. Twin Peaks, 2 seasons + movie-New season to view
  16. Sherlock, 4 series + movie
  17. Venture Brothers, 7 seasons-Waiting to view final movie
  18. The Sopranos, 6 seasons-Have to finish S6 Part 2
  19. SeaLab 2021, 4 seasons
  20. Lucy Daughter of the Devil, 1 season
  21. Frisky Dingo, 2 seasons

New TV Time List

The Netflix oriented list (only counting shows I’m currently watching):

1. 30 Rock Season 3 Episode 4: Reunion
2. Agatha Christie’s Poirot Series 1 Episode 6: Triangle At Rhodes
3. Angel Season 2 Episode 12: Blood Money
4. Daredevil Season 1: A-
5. House Of Cards Season 2 Episode 3: Chapter 17
6. The Last Man On Earth Season 1 Episode 7: She Drives Me Crazy
7. Magnum P.I. Season 1 Episode 6: Skin Deep
8. Psych Overall Grade: B+
9. Sliders Season 4 Episode 1: Genesis
10. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 1: A-

The Jack Bauer Power Hour

Back in 2001 I started watching a show that was already gathering buzz. TIME Magazine had an article on it even. The show’s name was “24.” The pilot shocked me by featuring an airplane bombing after 9-11 and entertained me. By the second, fantastic episode I was completely hooked. FOX had decided to give the show a chance and I’m glad that they never canceled it. They actually are bringing it back next year after it has been off the air since closing its 8 year run in 2010. I’m excited because this one of my favorite shows and love how its fast paced and thrilling.

Kiefer Sutherland had a successful career going when he was cast as “24’s” main character,  Jack Bauer. Bauer works for CTU-Counter Terrorism Unit-based in Los Angeles, California. Each of the seasons center around one chaotic day, where Jack is forced to deal with a crisis and must act to protect the country and LA from terrorism. Nothing ends up being that simple and politics always play a heavy part in each season. This is one of the reasons why the show ended up becoming popular by Season 4-it was rather topical and smartly focused on real world events, although of course the show itself ventured into fantasy and made up story lines. I will forever remain amused that every season a huge terrorist plot threatened the country at one point or another, just because it seems rather outlandish.

Oh and the show has a fantastic cast, with great guest stars in every season. Sutherland is amazing as Bauer, while Carlos Bernard rules in playing his friend and co-worker Tony Almeida. You have Elisha Cuthbert as Bauer’s daughter Kim, Sarah Clarke as Nina Myers, who is another co-worker of Jack’s, Dennis Haysbert as David Palmer, a presidential candidate in Season 1 who is my favorite character, and many others who round out the show. My favorite guest star is probably Arnold Vosloo from Season 4, who myself and other fans often referred to as the “Evil Version of Jack Bauer.” The show also is rather consistent in terms of quality: Season 6 is the only really bad/mediocre season, while Seasons 1-2, 4 and 5 are great. I really liked Seasons 3, 7-8 and I thought the show had a fine series finale that although now temporary had me on the edge of my seat.

I didn’t even mention the show’s amazing display of state of the art technological devices, or how it is very 21st century in its depiction of how much the spy business has become dependent on new gadgets to stay ahead of the enemies in the field. I also like how much cell phones play a major role in the show from the first season to the very last one. There will never be a show quite like 24 ever again, and I don’t mind because its wonderful unique qualities and high level of entertainment value make it one of my all time favorite TV shows. I’m glad that FOX decided to leave it on the air for 8 seasons, and I look forward to the new episodes if and when they do air.

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