Music Log 2019

While I fell short of 100 albums last year, I still tried to expand my horizons a bit. This will continue in 2019. All albums are from my local public library unless indicated below.


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1. Head Hunters, Herbie Hancock-9.0
2. The Spy Who Loved Me OST, Marvin Hamlisch-8.5
3. Superfly, Curtis Mayfield-10.0
4. Are You Serious, Andrew Bird-8.0
5. Billion Dollar Babies, Alice Cooper-9.5
6. Idlewild South, The Allman Brothers Band-9.0
7. Wildflower, The Avalanches-9.0
8. Sabotage, Black Sabbath-9.5
9. Diamond Dogs, David Bowie-7.5, Barnes & Noble
10. Let’s Dance, David Bowie-9.0, Barnes & Noble
11. The Very Best of The Animals, The Animals-8.0
12. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Black Sabbath-9.0


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13. The Clash (US Version), The Clash-9.0
14. Everyday, The Dave Matthews Band-8.5
15. Within The Realm of a Dying Sun, Dead Can Dance-8.0
16. Hotel California 40th Anniversary Edition, The Eagles-9.0
17. The Photo Album, Death Cab For Cutie-9.0, Half-Price Books
18. Donovan’s Greatest Hits, Donovan-8.0, Half-Price Books
19. So Tonight That I Might See, Mazzy Star-9.0, Half-Price Books
20. Heathen, David Bowie-9.0, You-Tube
21. Boston, Boston-9.0
22. Teens of Denial, Car Seat Headset-8.0
23. Thank You For Today, Death Cab For Cutie-9.0
24. The Soft Parade, The Doors-9.0
25. The Electric Light Orchestra II, Electric Light Orchestra-9.5
26. Shakedown Street, The Greatful Dead-10.0


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27. The Black Album, Jay-Z-9.5
28. Escape, Journey-8.0
29. The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society, The Kinks-9.5
30. Trans-Europe Express, Kraftwerk-9.5
31. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Red Hot Chili Peppers-6.5
32. Astral Weeks, Van Morrison-9.0
32. Groovin’ High, Dizzy Gillespie Big Band-9.0
33. Depression Cherry, Beach House-9.0 *Barnes & Noble
34. The Now Now, Gorillaz-9.5 *Barnes & Noble
35. Savage Young Dü, Hüsker Dü-8.5
36. DAMN., Kendrick Lamar-10.0
37. Band On The Run, Paul McCartney and Wings-9.5
38. Piano & a Microphone 1983, Prince-9.0
39. 22, A Million, Bon Iver-6.5
40. Blues For Allah, The Greatful Dead-9.0
41. Through The Years: The Best of the Fray, The Fray-8.0
43. Turbo, Judas Priest-8.0
43. Bitter Rivals, Sleigh Bells *Half-Price Books-8.0
44. Easter, Patti Smith-9.0 *Half-Price Books


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45. The Runaways, The Runaways-9.0
46. Queen of Noise, The Runaways-9.0
47. No Jacket Required, Phil Collins-8.5
48. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels OST, Various *Half-Price Books-9.5
49. Naked, The Talking Heads *Half-Price Books-9.0
50. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, The Cure-8.5
51. Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King, Dave Matthews Band-8.5
52. The Dictators Go Girl Crazy! 40th Anniversary Remastered & Expanded, The Dictators-8.0
53. Oh, Mercy-Bob Dylan-9.0
54. Self-Portrait, Bob Dylan-9.5 *Half-Price Books
55. Away From The World, Dave Mathews Band-8.5
56. The Basement Tapes, Bob Dylan-10.0
57. Supa Dupa Fly, Missy Elliot-8.0
58. Something To Tell You, Haim-8.0
59. Low End Theory, A Tribe Called Quest-9.0
60. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll, The Rolling Stones-9.0


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61. Seventeen Seconds, The Cure-9.0
62. Wasteland, Baby!, Hozier-9.0
63. Dusty in Memphis, Dusty Springfield-9.0
64. The White Stripes, The White Stripes-7.5
65. Cosmo’s Factory, Creedence Clearwater Revival-10.0 *Barnes & Noble
66. Tonight, David Bowie-8.5 *Barnes & Noble
67. Trouble, Ray Lamontagne-8.0


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68. Do You Want More?, The Roots-8.5
69. The Best of Roxy Music, Roxy Music-9.5
70. Songs Of Experience, U2-9.0
71. 1984, Van Halen-6.5
72. Tonight’s The Night, Neil Young-9.5
73. Deeper, The Soft Moon-9.0
74. The Lion the Beast the Beat, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals-8.0
75. Shulamith, Poliça-9.0
76. Midnight, Grace Potter-6.0
77. Let It Be, The Replacements-9.5


78. Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon & Garfunkel-9.5
79. Drunk, Thundercat-10.0
80. Starcrawler, Starcrawler-8.5
81. Make It Big, Wham!-8.0
82. Tea for the Tillerman, Cat Stevens-10.0
83. Dare To Be Stupid, Weird Al Yankovic-8.0
84. I’m Still In Love With You, Al Green-9.5
85. Teaser & the Firecat, Cat Stevens-9.0
86. Crosby Stills & Nash, Crosby Stills & Nash-10.0
87. After Laughter, Paramore-8.0
88. Violent Femmes, Violent Femmes-9.5
89. For Your Pleasure, Roxy Music-9.5
90. Actor, St. Vincent-8.5
91. Give Up (Deluxe Edition), The Postal Service-9.0


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92. Stage Fright, The Band-9.5
93. In The Flat Field, Bauhaus-10.0
94. Further, Chemical Brothers-8.0
95. Tell Me How You Really Feel, Courtney Barnett-9.0
96. I’m Your Man, Leonard Cohen-8.5
97. A Band Called Smith, Smith-8.5
98. Layers, Kungs-9.0
99. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood OST, Various Artists-9.5 *YouTube
100. Era Vulgaris, Queens of the Stone Age-9.5


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101. Hallowed Ground, Violent Femmes-9.0
102. Get Behind Me Satan, The White Stripes-9.5
103. Off The Deep End, Weird Al Yankovic-8.5
104. Love Is Dead, Chvrches-8.0
105. Stories Don’t End, Dawes-6.5
106. Salad Days, Mac DeMarco-9.0
107. Hootenanny, The Replacements-9.0
108. Help Us Stranger, The Raconteurs-9.5
109. Most Messed Up, The Old 97s-6.5
110. Atlas, Real Estate Atlas-7.5
111. Don’t Tell a Soul, The Replacements-8.5


112. Country Life, Roxy Music-9.5
113. From The Beginning, Small Faces-8.0
114. Elliot Smith, Elliot Smith-9.0
115. Dirty, Sonic Youth-9.5
116. Alvvays, Alvvays-9.5
117. Bat for Lashes, Bat for Lashes-8.5
118. Surf’s Up, The Beach Boys-9.0
119. Shake It Up, The Cars-9.5


120. Desire, Bob Dylan-9.5
121. Songs From A Room, Leonard Cohen-10.0
122. Supernova, Ray LaMontagne-8.5
123. Love it to Death, Alice Cooper-8.5
124. Parade, Prince-9.0
125. I Am Easy To Find, The National-9.0


126. Prince, Prince-9.0
127. You’re Gonna Get It!, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-8.5
128. Let’s Rock, The Black Keys-8.0
129. Norman F***ing Rockwell!, Lana Del Rey-10.0
130. Your The Man, Marvin Gaye-9.0
131. Blue the Lines, Massive Attack-9.5
132. My Dear Melancholy, The Weekend-8.5
133. Camp, Childish Gambino-9.0
134. So Far, CSNY-9.5
135. Photographs & Memories: His Greatest Hits, Jim Croce-8.5
136. The Essential Sade, Sade-9.0
137. Washing Machine, Sonic Youth-9.0

Horrorfest 2014 Presents: Prom Night (1980, Paul Lynch)

From the eerie opening flashback to the suspenseful last act, Prom Night is a well made early 1980s slasher that is another quality entry in the subgenre. Long before slasher movies fell into parody and tired cliches Jamie Lee Curtis made a couple of them after doing the first two Halloween films. She was a great scream queen and here she plays a girl who is still dealing with her sister’s death years earlier. Also her father is Leslie Nielsen and prom night is approaching. The stage has been set for terror and mayhem.

Unlike later slasher films this one has a lower death count and the first kill doesn’t even happen until much later in the film. Prom Night takes its time building up the chills and thrills while also keeping the audience guessing who the killer could be. After all that’s part of the fun in a movie like this. Well that and the disco scenes which have some pretty radical music. This film feels more like a 1970s one to me although it is campy at times. I much prefer smart slasher films such as this one even if I also enjoy the dumb ones.

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