Love The Show. The Fanbase….Not So Much

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Hey I liked that episode…

Someone on Twitter one day made a good point about how Doctor Who fans keep saying that the current show runner is killing the show. Rick and Morty has fans who idolize Rick even though he’s the last person anyone should admire. Watchmen has fans that think Rorschach is a role model (bloody yikes even if it is a movie although there is a show), and Breaking Bad has the same thing with people thinking Walter White is not a villain (super yikes). Also Community suffered from people who loved Jeff too much even though he sucked as a human being for most of the show. This is a trend that makes me wonder if people actually pay attention to what they watch, or if people love to complain.

I’m well aware I’m complaining about their complaining, and every fanbase does have their share of crazy or misguided people. Anytime a show changes things or dares to attempt something different, people freak out. I think humans like that their shows don’t change, even though sometimes that change works out or is good for the show. I remember a lot of fans being mad that The X-Files had new main characters, even though the previous lead actors didn’t want to do the show as much or at all anymore. So to keep things going new people who were perfectly fine were introduced. At least I didn’t mind the change although I’ll admit I had to warm up to both of them.

Anyways I would prefer my favorite shows be allowed to last long enough to achieve their goals. I’m reminded of Timeless and Firefly, two great TV shows that were sniffed out before they were allowed to last long enough to make a proper impact. If your favorite show makes some changes it is probably trying to survive in a hostile and increasingly shrinking TV market carved up by streaming and people having shorter attention spans. Take what you can get. Or just find another show, there’s a million of them out there.

Writer’s Block Is A Bitch

I’m not very inspired by the inspiration advice given to me by Word Press. Its not their fault I lack the energy to finish my overdue Horrorfest 2013 reviews when its already January 2014, or that I have several other projects that could be updated as well. Yet I don’t feel like doing any of that. Maybe its lack of a new challenge, a need for an editor (no one is lining up for that job because it pays nothing and its too much work), my actual job and life taking me away from the Internet on a regular basis for once. I’m not sure. Hey maybe Word Press did give me something to work with, but its just a meaningless whinny rant about writing. This blog isn’t old enough to be heading in the meta direction already, although the great show Community (well if you only count Seasons 1-3 and from what I hear the start of 5) didn’t waste any time in commenting on itself.

I wonder too if this is related to me curbing my drinking, although since I had a PBR last night and I published plenty of articles while mostly sober over the last couple of months that’s not true, either. Hopefully something appears to me soon as views have dropped off to nothing and I have 38 followers who actually liked my blog for one reason or another. Must give them something to pass over in their follower dashboards as they peruse a more interesting article elsewhere.

Social Media Is a Funny Thing

Or basically how I stopped hating and learned to love the hashtag. Still I’m wondering how some of my all time favorite shows would have fared in the era of Twitter. 24 would have made for some fun statuses, but I’m glad that while waiting to watch an episode at times all I had to do was avoid RT when it came to spoilers. Which is funny considering that Fox is considering bringing the show back. I would have had to skip all social media on the night Lost aired, because it was bad enough that some people on RT would spoiler the show so easily-Twitter would have made things worse. However there are some upsides to Twitter that I find handy.

Namely that you can live tweet your thoughts to the cast of the show you are watching as it airs. I actually got Yvette Nicole Brown to respond to and favor one of my tweets this year as I viewed an episode of Community Season 4, which was really cool. That’s always fun to get a famous person to like what you are saying about the show they’re putting their full efforts into. Not to mention the amount of Twitter accounts for TV shows is numerous. Doctor Who has several and I decided to follow only two of them just so I could keep track.

Since Twitter isn’t going anywhere (or Facebook for that matter) I suppose utilizing them to promote TV shows and share your fandom is the only way to go. That said, please go easy on the spoilers. In this day and age its easier to use DVR and the Internet to keep up with TV than viewing it live.

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