Why Your Team Is Overrated: The Indianapolis Colts

Trust me folks, I’m not writing this because the Colts have beaten the Chiefs way too many times for me to count. Actually the last time KC bounced Indy from the playoffs, and that was when the Colts still had Andrew Luck. No this is aimed at a franchise that despite having had multiple good and or great QBs and one Hall of Fame QB force his way to another team come draft time, they don’t have much in the way of rings to show for it. It’s quite pathetic, actually, even though I’ll admit my favorite team the Chiefs have the same number of Super Bowl wins.

That may or not may last, considering the Colts decided to sign…*checks notes* Matt Ryan, a QB present for the worst collapse in Super Bowl history. I’m not sure you can blame him for that one, yet I know he didn’t help. The Colts have given up on drafting or developing QBs and will probably continue to drunkenly swap in old QBs for the foreseeable future. This makes sense when you look at who the owner is: Jim Irsay, who has a history of both drug and alcohol abuse. In the NFL though that doesn’t matter when it comes to owners, and so Irsay will keep on running the team until he finally shuffles off his mortal coil on some acid trip while playing his guitar. To be replaced by his daughter, probably.

He looks so glad he escaped Atlanta. That’s how bad the Falcons were that someone would be happy to end up in Indiana.

Can Indy actually win the division? Eh, probably since it’s a joke and only the Titans offer up any possible resistance. The AFC South and NFC South are the two worst divisions in football imo, although I still give the edge to the AFC one just because at least the NFC one has one more total ring. It’s beyond pathetic and a reminder that for some parts of the NFL, division realignment would be equal parts necessary and a blessing.

What’s Not Overrated: Michael Pittman Jr. is very talented, as is the offensive line. Give that man the ball and watch him fly.

Enjoy It While It Lasts: Jonathan Taylor is a beast and yet as everyone knows running backs have a tragically short shelf life these days. Also Ryan isn’t exactly a spring chicken. Did I mention I drafted Ryan as a backup in my Yahoo league? Thank God that league is free.

Oddly for reasons I can’t explain I could see this team making a Super Bowl run just because the defense is solid enough and they could simply copy the Rams and the Bucs Super Bowl blueprints. Most likely this season ends in a depressing divisional round loss that wastes another year of Taylor. Still, you could root for a worse team in the Midwest. I’m looking at you, Browns….

The Greatest Bowl Of Them All

“As a player, it says everything about you if you made the Hall of Fame. But, then again, boy … there’s something about winning a Super Bowl.”

-Terry Bradshaw

No this isn’t about the Rose Bowl-its about my favorite sporting event, the Super Bowl. This is the Masters, the Indy 500, the NBA Finals, the BCS National Title game, everything important, all rolled into one glorious night of football action. The first Super Bowl I ever watched was the Cowboys beating the Steelers in 1996 at Super Bowl XXX and I’ve been hooked from that moment on. Despite viewing some blowouts and some awful Super Bowl games I have not missed a Super Bowl yet, having witnessed the big game by myself, with friends, and with family throughout the years. Super Bowl XLVIII is special for multiple reasons: its the first championship game to feature the top two seeds from both conferences since 2009; the cold outdoor weather that will be a factor; and plus a young rising star in Russell Wilson versus a Hall of Fame bound legend in Peyton Manning. Whoever takes home the prize becomes famous and a legend while the losers are forgotten save for by sports fanatics and trivia buffs. And now for my preview.


*Peyton Manning and that vaulted Denver offense against the top flight Seahawks defense

Richard Sherman despite all of the unfair hate he gets is one of the top corners in the league, and I imagine that Seattle will place him on either Demaryius Thomas or Wes Welker, the two best wide outs that the Broncos have on their roster. However Denver’s defense is underrated as Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie anchors the lineup and with veterans such as Champ Bailey leading the way. Weather forecasts aside I like Denver’s chances at moving the ball even though Seattle is going to get their hits in. They are not called “The Legion of Boom” for nothing, and one cannot forget Earl Thomas who is one of the top safeties in the league as well.

*The Battle In The Trenches

Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch is a monster who usually cannot be stopped. Knowshon Moreno is one of the more stable and reliable backs in the league who can run and catch passes at will. Montee Ball gives Denver’s offense an extra edge and will be relied upon by the Broncos to also help protect Manning. The Seahawks offensive line is better than the Broncos because its more healthy and is really good at finding Lynch holes that he can run through. While I like Seattle in this category the fact that Manning is excellent at passing quickly and avoiding sacks through his almost magical pocket presence gives Denver a chance. Still if the Seahawks get their run game going it will help them keep Manning off the field and limit the damage he can do.

*The “X” Factors

Everyone is talking about the weather and its a story beaten completely to death. Unless its raining heavily or a blizzard out there I’m not sure the conditions will really have an impact on the game. Now I consider Eric Decker, a wide receiver who on most teams would be a #1 or #2 guy but who is a #3 or #4 on this ridiculous Broncos roster to be Denver’s “X Factor.” I would like to go with Julius Thomas but I think that the Seahawks will focus heavily on shutting him down-I mean after all they were able to close down Jimmy Graham and Vernon Davis on their way to the Super Bowl. If Decker can get open then the Seahawks will discover what my beloved Chiefs found out: you can limit or cover everyone else but if you give Peyton Manning just one guy to throw to, he will burn you all day with that guy.

Meanwhile the Seahawks “X Factor” is Doug Baldwin. Seattle’s wide receiving core is young and has talent despite not getting buzz or press, as they are rather non-flashy. During the NFC Title Game against the 49ers Baldwin was often Russell Wilson’s safety blanket and was also instrumental in setting up several crucial drives that gave the Seahawks defense the chance to close out the win. If he shows up big it really will help Seattle keep Manning off the field. Last I checked you still need to score points to win-at least that’s what John Madden keeps telling us.

Its funny that the Madden simulation of this game had Denver beating Seattle in overtime. That would be fantastic if the big game finally went into extras because its never happened before. I think we are in for a classic, and I originally went with a 9 point spread but I’m limiting it to 4 instead. I’ll go with Denver 27, Seattle 23. And no I did not forget the kickers-Matt Prater and Steven Hauschka are among the best in the game-as it wouldn’t surprise me if it came down to a field goal in the end. I doubt that will happen, but you never know what to expect. I’m hoping the commercials are really good, and I’ll skip the halftime show. Bruno Mars? Yuck. I’m watching for the football anyways.

Vince Young, Green Bay, and Awful Predictions

For the record, I actually like Vince Young. Thanks to him USC did not win another national championship. Bully for him. However his pro career has been a disappointment, to say the least, and its sad because Young had the talent to at least be a good pro QB. Maybe even an annual Pro Bowler. His tale is one to heed, for his immaturity and lack of leadership skills have resulted in him going from being a starting quarterback for the Titans to being a backup with the Packers. Let this be a lesson to young players who think that it all it takes to be successful in the pros is talent. Some things go beyond talent, and there are simply other intangibles that make people great at what they do. Particularly in a violent sport such as football. Anyways I do think that Vince Young is not a bad pickup by the Packers, as the rest of the QBs on their roster are awful. If Aaron Rodgers goes down, Young could probably step in and play right away. So welcome to the Packers, Young, and get used to an organization that’s all about winning championships. It might be your last stop if you are not careful, but I do wish you the best of luck.

Oh and now for my awful NFL 2013-2014 predictions:

AFC North-

1. Bengals: 10-6
2. Ravens: 9-7
3. Steelers-7-9
4. Browns-6-10

AFC South-

1. Texans: 11-5
2. Colts: 10-6
3. Titans: 7-9
4. Jaguars: 3-13

AFC West-

1. Broncos: 12-4
2. Chiefs: 9-7
3. Chargers: 8-8
4. Raiders: 5-11

AFC East-

1. Patriots: 10-6
2. Dolphins: 9-7
3. Bills: 7-9
4. Jets: 6-10


NFC North-

1. Packers: 11-5
2. Vikings: 10-6
3. Bears: 9-7
4. Lions: 8-8

NFC South-

1. Falcons: 12-4
2. Saints: 10-6
3. Panthers: 9-7
4. Buccaneers: 8-8

NFC West-

1. Seahawks: 12-4
2. 49ers: 11-5
3. Rams: 9-7
4. Cardinals: 7-9

NFC East-

1. Redskins: 10-6
2. Giants: 9-7
3. Eagles: 7-9
4. Cowboys: 5-11

Wild Card Teams for AFC: Colts, Chiefs
Wild Card Teams for NFC: 49ers, Vikings

Super Bowl Prediction: Broncos over Seahawks in OT.

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