Lately I’ve been trying to do different things in life. I got rid of my CD collection, eliminated other clutter and I have an actual list of stuff I need to focus on (working out is on there. Again). However I also was forced to start over on Twitter, as my previous account was suspended. No idea why, they won’t tell me, etc. It sucks but I moved on and created a new account because I am stubborn and not so easily defeated.

Oh and I am even thinking of moving on from my job, mostly because they have moved several people to other stores and one employee is moving down to part time. I am not sure if I will even have a job down the road, so it is time to fire up the resume. Sometimes you make changes, sometimes changes are thrust upon you. That’s life, I guess.

Bullets Are No One’s Friend


Apparently not even cops getting shot over the past week is enough to move gun control legislation forward. Not even watered down bills, one sponsored by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, passed in Congress. It’s just as ridiculous as the NRA ignoring the police killings of two black men who owned guns legally by the laws of their respective states. The shit hasn’t just hit the fan, it’s traveled into the stratosphere. Things might only get worse from here, unfortunately. It also doesn’t help that Congress is literally owned by the NRA, an organization dedicated to serving the gun lobby. Sales are important than saving lives, I guess.

Going back a decade or so I was very pro gun. What’s changed isn’t just the amount of violence that has occurred in America over that period. It’s also my feeling that things need to change, that banning assault weapons and enacting strong background checks everywhere is a must. Plus gun and even hunter safety courses (I’ve successfully completed the last one). I’m not a fan of handguns, either, or concealed carry. In fact the mayor of Dallas said that during the mayhem those open carrying made it harder to tell who was a friend or foe.


Look I get that new measures or even just stringently enforcing current laws might not be enough. Yet we have to do something, and it needed to be done yesterday. It’s not enough to simply change police culture to the point where racist officers are drummed out, or make it harder for criminals and terrorists to obtain weapons (a bill addressing that last one also failed). Black Lives Matter is a start, too, but this is only the beginning. Maybe one day the body count won’t be so high. Hopefully.

Organization Takes Too Much Work

So months after I moved into my apartment I am finally moving my shelves and other stuff in. I got one shelf placed and I brought three whole boxes worth of movies with me as well. I had my dad help me take the shelf in and after he left it took me over 90 minutes to put away all the films I took with me.


That is my bookshelf in my room. Its completely full and I actually had to fit my other movies and some other stuff in another shelf. That shelf is also full right now:


It’s a bit ridiculous yet it also makes me realize how many films I’ve obtained over the years. I have two more shelves and a bunch more CDs and books left to bring in too. And probably even more films. I thought about selling most of my collection but I realized I would receive very little money in return.

Besides part of the fun of moving is putting your possessions in new spaces. Switching things around so they fit better. My new room already suits me and I’ve managed to keep it clean. Sometimes change is good.

Whatever, Man

Caring is hard and takes a lot of work. Its much easier to just be passive, to sit back and not give a shit. I’ll admit I’ve been plenty guilty of this, although being active say, politically, takes a lot of time and money. I have some time but not the money-yet. I’ve encountered too many people lately who ask “What’s the point?” in regards to people trying to change things for the better, or dedicating themselves to a particular cause. I’m reminded of the great journalist Greg Palast, who has spent his entire career fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves, trying to uncover the truth. I’m sure he would disagree with that assessment, and would argue that getting mad and getting even is an American right-hell a world right even. Apathy has infected our political process, and yet I wonder if somehow I could get all those who are disgusted with politics and who don’t vote to support a particular party or a decent candidate at least if I could enact some change.

Imagine if someone managed to find those independent voters and those who are disgusted with both parties and convinced them to form a party of their own. I bet it would be a decent enough number to get a good candidate on the ballot somewhere. If not then at least they tried. After all the great Teddy Roosevelt, one of our best presidents, said “Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” He was also the last independent candidate until Ross Perot to actually get a good percentage of the popular vote in a presidential election, and the Bull Moose Party ended up championing a bunch of progressive causes, some which were actually adopted later on and made into law.

For now I’ll have to settle with using my crappy blog and my Twitter account to try and spread my opinion, bashing those who deserve it while praising those who earn such approval. I certainly would love to be involved in politics at some point, although maybe I would be better off volunteering for a much nobler cause. Impacting just one person in a just way is better than having a negative outlook on the world that aids no one, particularly oneself.

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