Horrorfest 2021 Presents: White of the Eye (1988, Donald Cammell)

David Keith and Cathy Moriarty are great together as a married couple who’s wife half starts to wonder if her husband is a serial killer of women in White of the Eye, a 1980s horror thriller that works a lot like a Hitchcock movie. At least until the final act where it all falls apart, which is a shame cause the rest of the movie is pretty good.

There is a large house scene that is really well set up and very suspenseful, one that would be at home in a giallo. Plus Keith gives a compelling and engaging performance, one that is matched by Moriarty as his wife. The flashbacks are also well done in this film, and give hints to the overall mystery.

Alas the ending descends into a bunch of outlandish insanity that doesn’t work well for me. It also keeps on going long after a rather obvious conclusion, as if the movie doesn’t know it’s already over. Too bad, yet most of the film is a well developed movie with some cool shots, one that feeds off of the Tuscan desert setting so the whole thing isn’t a complete waste.

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