Music Log 2019

While I fell short of 100 albums last year, I still tried to expand my horizons a bit. This will continue in 2019. All albums are from my local public library unless indicated below.


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1. Head Hunters, Herbie Hancock-9.0
2. The Spy Who Loved Me OST, Marvin Hamlisch-8.5
3. Superfly, Curtis Mayfield-10.0
4. Are You Serious, Andrew Bird-8.0
5. Billion Dollar Babies, Alice Cooper-9.5
6. Idlewild South, The Allman Brothers Band-9.0
7. Wildflower, The Avalanches-9.0
8. Sabotage, Black Sabbath-9.5
9. Diamond Dogs, David Bowie-7.5, Barnes & Noble
10. Let’s Dance, David Bowie-9.0, Barnes & Noble
11. The Very Best of The Animals, The Animals-8.0
12. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Black Sabbath-9.0


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13. The Clash (US Version), The Clash-9.0
14. Everyday, The Dave Matthews Band-8.5
15. Within The Realm of a Dying Sun, Dead Can Dance-8.0
16. Hotel California 40th Anniversary Edition, The Eagles-9.0
17. The Photo Album, Death Cab For Cutie-9.0, Half-Price Books
18. Donovan’s Greatest Hits, Donovan-8.0, Half-Price Books
19. So Tonight That I Might See, Mazzy Star-9.0, Half-Price Books
20. Heathen, David Bowie-9.0, You-Tube
21. Boston, Boston-9.0
22. Teens of Denial, Car Seat Headset-8.0
23. Thank You For Today, Death Cab For Cutie-9.0
24. The Soft Parade, The Doors-9.0
25. The Electric Light Orchestra II, Electric Light Orchestra-9.5
26. Shakedown Street, The Greatful Dead-10.0


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27. The Black Album, Jay-Z-9.5
28. Escape, Journey-8.0
29. The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society, The Kinks-9.5
30. Trans-Europe Express, Kraftwerk-9.5
31. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Red Hot Chili Peppers-6.5
32. Astral Weeks, Van Morrison-9.0
32. Groovin’ High, Dizzy Gillespie Big Band-9.0
33. Depression Cherry, Beach House-9.0 *Barnes & Noble
34. The Now Now, Gorillaz-9.5 *Barnes & Noble
35. Savage Young Dü, Hüsker Dü-8.5
36. DAMN., Kendrick Lamar-10.0
37. Band On The Run, Paul McCartney and Wings-9.5
38. Piano & a Microphone 1983, Prince-9.0
39. 22, A Million, Bon Iver-6.5
40. Blues For Allah, The Greatful Dead-9.0
41. Through The Years: The Best of the Fray, The Fray-8.0
43. Turbo, Judas Priest-8.0
43. Bitter Rivals, Sleigh Bells *Half-Price Books-8.0
44. Easter, Patti Smith-9.0 *Half-Price Books


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45. The Runaways, The Runaways-9.0
46. Queen of Noise, The Runaways-9.0
47. No Jacket Required, Phil Collins-8.5
48. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels OST, Various *Half-Price Books-9.5
49. Naked, The Talking Heads *Half-Price Books-9.0
50. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, The Cure-8.5
51. Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King, Dave Matthews Band-8.5
52. The Dictators Go Girl Crazy! 40th Anniversary Remastered & Expanded, The Dictators-8.0
53. Oh, Mercy-Bob Dylan-9.0
54. Self-Portrait, Bob Dylan-9.5 *Half-Price Books
55. Away From The World, Dave Mathews Band-8.5
56. The Basement Tapes, Bob Dylan-10.0
57. Supa Dupa Fly, Missy Elliot-8.0
58. Something To Tell You, Haim-8.0
59. Low End Theory, A Tribe Called Quest-9.0
60. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll, The Rolling Stones-9.0


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61. Seventeen Seconds, The Cure-9.0
62. Wasteland, Baby!, Hozier-9.0
63. Dusty in Memphis, Dusty Springfield-9.0
64. The White Stripes, The White Stripes-7.5
65. Cosmo’s Factory, Creedence Clearwater Revival-10.0 *Barnes & Noble
66. Tonight, David Bowie-8.5 *Barnes & Noble
67. Trouble, Ray Lamontagne-8.0


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68. Do You Want More?, The Roots-8.5
69. The Best of Roxy Music, Roxy Music-9.5
70. Songs Of Experience, U2-9.0
71. 1984, Van Halen-6.5
72. Tonight’s The Night, Neil Young-9.5
73. Deeper, The Soft Moon-9.0
74. The Lion the Beast the Beat, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals-8.0
75. Shulamith, Poliça-9.0
76. Midnight, Grace Potter-6.0
77. Let It Be, The Replacements-9.5


78. Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon & Garfunkel-9.5
79. Drunk, Thundercat-10.0
80. Starcrawler, Starcrawler-8.5
81. Make It Big, Wham!-8.0
82. Tea for the Tillerman, Cat Stevens-10.0
83. Dare To Be Stupid, Weird Al Yankovic-8.0
84. I’m Still In Love With You, Al Green-9.5
85. Teaser & the Firecat, Cat Stevens-9.0
86. Crosby Stills & Nash, Crosby Stills & Nash-10.0
87. After Laughter, Paramore-8.0
88. Violent Femmes, Violent Femmes-9.5
89. For Your Pleasure, Roxy Music-9.5
90. Actor, St. Vincent-8.5
91. Give Up (Deluxe Edition), The Postal Service-9.0


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92. Stage Fright, The Band-9.5
93. In The Flat Field, Bauhaus-10.0
94. Further, Chemical Brothers-8.0
95. Tell Me How You Really Feel, Courtney Barnett-9.0
96. I’m Your Man, Leonard Cohen-8.5
97. A Band Called Smith, Smith-8.5
98. Layers, Kungs-9.0
99. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood OST, Various Artists-9.5 *YouTube
100. Era Vulgaris, Queens of the Stone Age-9.5


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101. Hallowed Ground, Violent Femmes-9.0
102. Get Behind Me Satan, The White Stripes-9.5
103. Off The Deep End, Weird Al Yankovic-8.5
104. Love Is Dead, Chvrches-8.0
105. Stories Don’t End, Dawes-6.5
106. Salad Days, Mac DeMarco-9.0
107. Hootenanny, The Replacements-9.0
108. Help Us Stranger, The Raconteurs-9.5
109. Most Messed Up, The Old 97s-6.5
110. Atlas, Real Estate Atlas-7.5
111. Don’t Tell a Soul, The Replacements-8.5


112. Country Life, Roxy Music-9.5
113. From The Beginning, Small Faces-8.0
114. Elliot Smith, Elliot Smith-9.0
115. Dirty, Sonic Youth-9.5
116. Alvvays, Alvvays-9.5
117. Bat for Lashes, Bat for Lashes-8.5
118. Surf’s Up, The Beach Boys-9.0
119. Shake It Up, The Cars-9.5


120. Desire, Bob Dylan-9.5
121. Songs From A Room, Leonard Cohen-10.0
122. Supernova, Ray LaMontagne-8.5
123. Love it to Death, Alice Cooper-8.5
124. Parade, Prince-9.0
125. I Am Easy To Find, The National-9.0


126. Prince, Prince-9.0
127. You’re Gonna Get It!, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-8.5
128. Let’s Rock, The Black Keys-8.0
129. Norman F***ing Rockwell!, Lana Del Rey-10.0
130. Your The Man, Marvin Gaye-9.0
131. Blue the Lines, Massive Attack-9.5
132. My Dear Melancholy, The Weekend-8.5
133. Camp, Childish Gambino-9.0
134. So Far, CSNY-9.5
135. Photographs & Memories: His Greatest Hits, Jim Croce-8.5
136. The Essential Sade, Sade-9.0
137. Washing Machine, Sonic Youth-9.0

2017 Music Log

Best Of The Year:

1. Kind of Blue, Miles Davis-10.0
2. Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J., Bruce Springsteen-10.0
3. Crash, Dave Matthews Band-10.0
4. Sounds of Silence, Simon & Garfunkel-10.0
5. Neferateri, Miles Davis-10.0, *Barnes and Noble
6. Let’s Stay Together, Al Green-10.0
7. Demon Days, Gorillaz-10.0

It’s groovy time again. Also I’m currently doing a Public Library challenge where I check out what I want to listen to in alphabetical order. Nothing in A interested me I guess:


1. Why Are You Okay?, Band of Horses-8.0
2. The Haunted Man, Bat for Lashes-9.0
3. Radio City, Big Star-9.0
4. California, blink 182-9.5
5. Buffalo Springfield Again , Buffalo Springfield-9.5
6. Yellow Submarine, The Beatles-9.0
7. Third/Sister Lovers, Big Star-8.0
8. Crash, Dave Matthews Band-10.0
9. Going Out In Style, Dropkick Murphys-8.0
10. John Wesley Harding, Bob Dylan-8.5


11. Embryonic, The Flaming Lips-7.5
12. Major Lodge Victory, Gin Blossoms-5.0
13. Like Drawing Blood, Gotye-9.0
14. Strangeland, Keane-8.0
15. Only By The Night, Kings of Leon-9.5
16. Aim and Ignite, Fun.-9.5
17. Sounds of Silence, Simon & Garfunkel-10.0


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18. Let’s Stay Together, Al Green-10.0
19. Appetite For Destruction, Guns N’ Roses-8.5
20. Rid of Me, PJ Harvey-9.5
21. Lex Hives, The Hives-8.0
22. Hozier, Hozier-9.0
23. Mezzanine, Massive Attack-8.5
24. Battle Studies, John Mayer-8.0


25. Misfits, The Misfits-9.0
26. Road To Ruin, The Ramones-9.5
27. Art Official Age, Prince-8.0
28. Life’s Rich Pageant, R.E.M.-9.5
29. Out Of Our Heads, The Rolling Stones-9.5
30. Off!7.5, Off!
31. Beard, Wives, Denim, Pond-8.0
32. Actually, Pet Shop Boys-9.0 *Half-Priced Books


33. The Body, the Blood, the Machine, The Thermals-9.0 *YouTube
34. Coral Fang, The Distillers-8.5 *YouTube
35. The Distillers, The Distillers-9.0  *YouTube
36. Sing Sing Death House, The Distillers-8.0 *YouTube
37. Happy Trails, Quicksilver Messenger Service-6.5
38. Milo Goes To College, The Descendents-9.5 *YouTube
39. Give It Back To You, The Record Company-8.0
40. Mother’s Milk, The Red Hot Chili Peppers-8.5
41.  Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sea Lions but Were Afraid to Ask, Sea Lions-7.0
42. Heartworms, The Shins-8.5
43. Valtari, Sigur Rós-9.0
44. Surburban Lawns, Surburban Lawns-9.0 *YouTube
45. The Stooges, The Stooges-9.5
46. Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J., Bruce Springsteen-10.0


47. Black Celebration, Depeche Mode-8.5 *Half-Priced Books
48. Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks, Modest Mouse-9.0 *Barnes & Noble
49. Suburban Lawns, Suburban Lawns-9.0 *YouTube
50. Manhunter OST, Various Artists-9.5 *YouTube
51. Bauhaus 1979–1983 Vol. 1, Bauhaus-9.5 *Half-Priced Books
52. Hot Thoughts, Spoon-8.0
53. Baby (EP), Suburban Lawns-9.5 *YouTube
54. Strange Mercy, St. Vincent-8.5
55. Lonerism, Tame Impala-9.0
56. Love You To Death, Tegan and Sara-9.0
57. The Doors, The Doors-9.5 *Google Play


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58. Dire Straits, Dire Straits-9.5 *Barnes & Noble
59. Walking On a Pretty Daze, Kurt Ville-9.5
60. Boys & Girls, Alabama Shakes-8.0
61. Blackstar, David Bowie-9.5
62. Kind of Blue, Miles Davis-10.0
63. The Message, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five-9.0
64. For Emma, Forever Ago, Bon Iver-9.5
65. Dear Miss Lonelyhearts, Cold War Kids-8.5
66. Clouds Taste Metallic, The Flaming Lips-9.0
67. Making Mirrors, Gotye-8.5


68. Starr Stuff, Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2-9.5 *YouTube
69. Starfish, The Church-9.0 *Half-Priced Books
70. The Heart of Saturday Night
, Tom Waits-9.5
71. Hesitant Alien, Gerard Way-5.0
72. Close To The Edge, Yes-9.5
73. Neil Young, Neil Young-9.0
74. Hunting High and Low, A-ha-8.0 *Half Priced Books
75. People Are People, Depeche Mode-9.5 *Half-Priced Books
76. Music For The Masses, Depeche Mode-9.5 *Half-Priced Books

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77. English Oceans, Drive By Truckers-9.0
78. Honeymoon, Lana Del Rey-8.5
79. High Violet, The National-9.5
80. Painted Ruins, Grizzly Bear-9.0 *Barnes and Noble

Rest of the Year:

81. Evil Empire, Rage Against The Machine-9.5 *Barnes and Noble
82. Neferateri, Miles Davis-10.0, *Barnes and Noble
83. Tenacious D, Tenacious D-9.5, *Barnes and Noble
84. Demon Days, Gorillaz-10.0
85. Noctune, Wild Nothing-9.0
86. Sister, Sonic Youth-9.5
87. Graduation, Kayne West-9.5
88. How Big How Beautiful, Florence + The Machine-9.0
89. Everything Now, Arcade Fire-8.5
90. Kick Out The Jams, MC5-9.0
91. Lust For Life, Iggy Pop-9.5
92. II, Unknown Mortal Orchestra-7.0
93. Car Wheels On A Gravel Road, Lucida Williams-9.0
94. Home Of The Strange, Young The Giant-9.0
95. Little Creatures, The Talking Heads-9.0
96. The Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1, The Traveling Wilburys-9.5
97. The River, Bruce Springsteen-9.5
98. Songs From The Big Chair, Tears For Fears-9.5 *YouTube
99. A Deeper Understanding, War On Drugs-9.0
100. Tonight’s The Night, Neil Young-9.0

Favorite Albums Presents: Blood On The Tracks

Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks is a masterwork, a 70s classic perfectly made by a poet at the height of his creative powers. Few albums have captivated my attention as much as this one, which is easily among Dylan’s best works and was also the first disc I ever heard from him. I remember being a young college freshman using my CD player to hear every track numerous times, as I’ve lost count over the years. Moving on from his legendary 1960s works and responding bitterly to a divorce, “Blood” has themes of love and loss, loneliness and anger. Yet it never becomes trite or ugly, and Dylan fashions songs that have stood the test of time.

Most notably the famous piece “Idiot Wind,” an almost eight minute song that is both funny and furious with Dylan responding to his critics and also commenting on his own career itself. The opening track “Tangled Up In Blue” and its followup “Simple Twist of Fate” are lyrical and beautiful. “Tangled” is lighter and witty but also a musing on love gained and lost, while “Simple” is a tragic one night stand between two people unable to connect with one another. “You’re A Big Girl Now” is rather wistful, simplistic and a little bit funny even, giving way to not only “Idiot” but also the gloriously sharp “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go.” Which happens to be one of my favorite pieces on the album because of the amazing lyrics and because its sad without making me sad as Dylan longs for a once alive relationship now dead.

PS: It seems that too many of these songs are not on YouTube in their original form. Weak.

The second half of the album is very similar to the first, although the ending is quite different from the beginning. “Meet Me In The Morning” is a bluesy song-its Dylan as troubadour, a wander quietly strumming on his guitar about where he’s been and what he’s seen. “Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts” is the most lively song on the album and also the longest, a pure epic that features one of Dylan’s finest qualities: his ability to spin a tale musically. Its a piece that is humorous, gloomy, poetic and also quietly fitting in terms of fate and destiny happening to a group of people-some who expected it, others who are caught by surprise. “If You See Her, Say Hello” is probably the saddest song, tender while reflecting on past love and what ruined something special that two people had.

Oddly this gives way to my favorite song on the entire album, a piece that was used in Jerry Maguire: “Shelter From The Storm.” Dylan not only serves up lyrics that blow my mind, but he also showcases his raspy singing voice, a talent of his that catches flake. I never understood why people think that Dylan’s singing is terrible, as it fits his music incredibly well; if you want perfect singers go to the opera or watch American Idol. My favorite part of the song is this:

I was burned out from exhaustion buried in the hail
Poisoned in the bushes and blown out on the trail
Hunted like a crocodile ravaged in the corn “
Come in” she said
“I’ll give you shelter from the storm”

After this tour-de-force Dylan concludes the album with “Buckets of Rain,” a song that over the years I have become a fan of after realizing its proper use in the context of the album. After the noise and fury, sadness and regret, Dylan closes out the proceedings with a whimper instead of a bang. Maybe that’s how the too many relationships end, or perhaps that is how the human race will finally end. There is no way of telling, although at one point we could look to Bob Dylan and ask him how he thought it would all shake out. Dylan is no longer a young man or a prophet, but a wary ancient poet that we should all treasure before he shifts off his mortal coil.

Favorite Songs: Part XVI

Genesis is one of the best bands of the 70s and 80s. They are fantastic, and in this video the entire group is still altogether-Peter Gabriel was still the front man, but Phil Collins was slowly taking over. “A Trick of The Tail” is a witty and fun piece, and I love how the video manages to work in some trippy moments. Just listen to the guitar and piano work, too. Bloody fantastic.

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