Horrorfest 2022 Presents: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003, Marcus Nispel)

The 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is actually a pretty solid flick, and is one of the better modern remakes. It helps that the cast here is good and that the movie actually has some relatively brutal and nasty moments that fit in well with the franchise’s overall mean aesthetic. It also helps that the TCM series has set the bar really low.

Jessica Biel and Eric Balfour headline a group of young people who run afoul of the Sawyer Clan in Texas. I liked that this movie changed the hitchhiker from the original and that R. Lee Ermey is given a chance to chew scenery. Which he also does in the mediocre TCM prequel that I saw in theaters. The original is a masterpiece and I liked the second one, yet this series probably shouldn’t have this many entries.

Funny enough this movie succeeding ushered in a bunch of horror remakes, and I believe I’ve seen all of those, some of them in theaters. You can complain about horror remakes all you want but the genre has a long history of doing them and won’t ever stop because people like me and others keep going to see them. Oh well, at least I’m honest that I’m part of the problem.

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