Horrorfest 2022/It’s Hammer Time Presents: Lust for a Vampire (1971, Jimmy Sangster)

Unfortunately Lust for a Vampire is the weakest entry in the Hammer Studios Karnstein series. Yet it still has some good moments, and Michael Johnson is pretty good as the film’s hero, Richard LeStrange. I also liked Yutte Stensgaard as Mircalla. I’m not sure if featuring other Hammer mainstays would have affected the movie’s quality or not, I found this flick to be somewhat too goofy at times for my liking.

What Jimmy Sangster’s movie lacks in style or grace it makes up for with lots of boobs, I suppose. The finale is mostly standard Hammer fare, and it all lacks the more interesting aspects of The Vampire Lovers or Twins of Evil. However I find that even a subpar or lesser Hammer film is worth a view, and their 1970s output isn’t as lackluster as folks wish to believe. Viewed thanks to Tubi, which has some other Hammer movies. Nice.

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