Horrorfest 2022 Presents: Cementerio del terror aka Cemetery of Terror (1985, Rubén Galindo Jr.)

Rubén Galindo Jr. seems to be a pretty good horror movie director based on what I’ve seen from him so far. Cemetery of Terror is a good example of his talents, and including two groups of youths dealing with an undead serial killer. The older group of kids bring him back and the younger group having the misfortune to be in the same area when it happens.

Hugo Stiglitz stars as a psychiatrist trying to stop the killer by any means necessary. This movie begins as a slow burn, then features tons of gore and murders. The ending made me grin too, since it was the old fashioned freeze frame moment that used to be a thing in movies. The movie is quite good although none of the youths really stood out to me and it’s probably a good thing that Stiglitz was cast in this one since he’s a well known cult movie actor.

I do like how Cemetery of Terror is a combination of slasher movies, zombie films and supernatural elements as well. That’s a nice bunch of different horror sub-genres woven into one movie. I saw this on Shudder, which has a good batch of foreign horror movies. Check it out.

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