Horrorfest 2022 Presents: The Predator (2018, Shane Black)

The Predator is a big dumb blockbuster that bombed because honestly the series was a bit played out by this point, although I hear Prey was good so maybe this was just the wrong approach. Compared to the AVP series this movie is high art haha, and yet I think I liked this one mostly for the cast which is a good bunch of actors elevating some thin and bland material. I think I’ve seen enough marines battle aliens movies to last me a lifetime, and this one is no different although the hero is an Army Ranger which is a different branch of the army, anyways.

Sterling K. Brown was actually the best character in this movie, honestly, and I wished he had been the main character instead. In fact this movie suffers from way too many characters, and most if not all of them exist as victims to be murdered horribly by first one Predator, then another super Predator that shows up later in the movie. Boyd Holbrook does his best yet he doesn’t seem to be leading man material although I wouldn’t really base that upon this movie, and Olivia Munn shows up because the movie’s creators probably wanted at least one female presence in amongst a sea of testosterone who wasn’t there for just a bit role.

I do think it is cool that Hulu has the entire Predator series available currently, which is nice and I liked going through the entire series again although I had not viewed this one or AVP before. I’m looking forward to watching Prey, and I must admit that I found the series to be a bit uneven at times. Nothing will probably top the original, which is usually true for most franchises.

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