Horrorfest 2022 Presents: Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959, Bernard L. Kowalski)

At some point I’ll view the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode making fun of Attack of the Giant Leeches. Having seen this on Crackle sans commentary, the folks behind the cult classic show were right to mock this flick. It’s mostly bad and moves way too slow with the creature effects being hilariously cheesy. It does have it’s moments however those are far and few in-between and yet I can admire the goofy effort put into this movie. If Bernard L. Kowalski can make a movie, you can make a movie, I guess haha.

The leeches actually would be at home in a cheesy episode of old school Doctor Who, and the characters in this one are so paper thin you could cut them with kid’s scissors. However I’m sure folks have some wistful nostalgia for this era of drive in movies and low budget horror cinema, and I’m not sure I blame them because I’m sure it was fun to go out on a Friday or Saturday night and see a flick like this one on the big screen. Even if it was terrible, hehe. Viewed on Crackle so at least it was free.

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